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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why do people wear astrological gemstones?  

2) Do you have other Navaratna designs?

3) Are your prices competitive?

4) What are the Steps in Getting a Bangle?

5) I see that the bangle is worn around the upper arm. Is that comfortable?

6) Are there other forms of positive action one might take in addition to wearing, or in place of, gems?

7) I have had different astrologers recommend me to different astrological gem dealers. How do you suggest I evaluate these recommendations?

8) How much should I spend on my gems?

9) I have had three different astrologers give me different gem recommendations can you comment on this?

10) Are synthetic gemstones equal to natural gemstones?

11) Should I wear the stones all the time?

12) My Vedic astrologer suggested I get a substitute gem instead of the more expensive one. What do you think of this?

13) Do you sell stones smaller than two carats?

14) Can I still get the same benefits by spending less on the gems?

15) Can you in as few words as possible explain how Planetary gems work to mitigate or nullify negative Karma ?

16) A two carat cut and faceted diamond would be prohibitively expensive. Isn't there a substitute gem for the diamond?

17) Could you give me more information on why you favor laboratory-grown ruby crystal material over natural?

18) Will I feel the difference when I put on the bangle?

19) Why are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto not considered to be primary influences by most Vedic astrologers?

20) I notice from your drawings that the gems are set with the flat side touching the skin I would prefer the gems to be facing outside so that the jewelry looks more beautiful. Why do you do it this way?

21) Is bigger better?

22) I have read the claims promoted from Jyotish. Do you really believe them?

23) How else do you think that gems help?

24) Do you provide a “starter bangle”, so that I can add more gems later, as I can afford them? And would a “starter bangle” include a time payment plan?

25) How much do navaratnas cost?

26) Why do you choose to work in silver and yellow gold versus white gold? Is it to  give the greatest affordability or for another electromagnetic reason?

27) What's your opinion on lab-grown diamonds?  Aren't some of the higher-quality lab-grown diamonds out there chemically the same as mined diamonds?

28) How is an astrological ring designed?

29) I had a free reading done and I'm wondering why my chart doesn't match up with previous readings I've had?

30) I read that Astrogems offers a free 9 gem Planetary recommendation service along with a free vedic horoscope, could you explain this further and show a sample of one?

31) I noticed that though Paramahansa Yogananda wore a nine gem astrological bangle, a three metal bangle and the lead and silver bangle that he refers to in the Autobiography of a Yogi... Self-realization Fellowship only sells the three metal astrological bangle made of gold. Silver and copper. Could you explain why they do not promote the nine gem bangle? And could you also explain how they are different in their effect?

32) Paramahansa Yogananda said one's birth time is actually the moment of conception, and that the exact birth time is critical to an accurate astrological reading. How does one calculate the "birth at conception" time for the purpose of a horoscope?

33) How do I adjust the size of the Bangle?

34) How do I add or remove links in my Bangle?

35) I have noticed that the bangle recently got uncomfortable and even a bit hot. I tried putting it on the other arm but it was still a littel uncomfortable and one of the gems even seems to be burning my skin. Can you explain this after all these years of wearing it  and really loving it this seems a little strange.

36) What is your return policy with the navaratna?

37) Can you give some historical perspective on multi gem astrological bangles?

38) Can I design a bangle with your assistance?

39) I was told that if the sun or moon rules my 8th house then I cannot wear that sign's corresponding gem (i.e. - pearl for the moon), is that true?

40) I have recently gotten my bangle and not only does it feel uncomfortable but it also has given me a rash. What is causing this?

41) I have a wonderful Guru and do fantastic meditation pranayama techniques Why would i benefit from a bangle?

42) Because the frequency bangles that you make have large deeply colored quartz in them, can you give an authoritative reference to deeply colored quartz being a beneficial material for spiritual and hence karmic upliftment?

43) Can I ever have discomfort from planetary gemstones or metals?

44) Could you explain the relationship between energy, benign radiations, gems and our karmic body?

45) I'm concerned about malefic positions and planets. Is this going to be an issue if I wear gems that may accentuate malefic effects?

46) I was told by a vedic astrologer that you should never wear a gemstone for a planet that is a malefic in your chart because doing so would amplify its negative energy, and that you should only wear stones for benefic planets that are weak. I’ve also been told that you shouldn't wear stones together if their planets are enemies with each other. But the traditional navaratna has gems for all nine planets of the vedic chart. What is your position on this?

47) What type of Gold or Silver do you recommend for your arm bangles or rings?

48) What is your view on Navaratna (nine gem) rings?

49) What do you think of Astrological Rings?

50) Summarised Explanation On How Astrological Gems Mitigate Negative Karma.

51) I notice from photographs that Swami Sri Yukteswar and Paramahansa Yogananda wore their nine gem astrological bangles. (Navaratna's) just above the elbow yet you recommend the upper arm area above the bicep.


For more information, please see the extensive essay on the influence of gems in our lives.

What the Yoga Masters and Other Saints have said about the benefits of Gemstones touching the skin.

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