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Could you explain the relationship between energy, benign radiations, gems and our karmic body?

In order to analyze and understand what a gemstone or pure metal is. It is essential to open up the atomic particle and learn what the scientists have discovered.

Space usually contains various invisible but detectable and measurable electromagnetic waveforms, like various force fields, passing and standing waves of matter and radiation, and maybe even "virtual particles," in addition to bigger and more tangible phenomena like atoms and so on.

The bonds between atomic parts and the structure or wave pattern of the atoms are electromagnetic in nature. An atom is 99.9999999999% empty space, which has the ability to absorb or cancel out light while it tries to travel through this seemingly empty space.

Light is also an electromagnetic radiation field! that is not localized at points in space. Classically, an atom is made up of a bunch of interacting, "point" charges, radiation reactions, pre-acceleration, and other really advanced topics in Classical Electrodynamics

Protons and electrons have a thing called "charge" which is affected by, or makes an influence in something we call the electromagnetic field. Anything with charge has a reaction to the electromagnetic field. The human body electric has a complex variety of different types of electromagnetic electricities and the consequent waveforms or frequency. All energy has waveform and if our karmic waveform signature is deficiently out of balance then a waveform supplementation can electro-magnetically facilitate a removal of a negative manifesting issue. Or put another way certain gems and metals can rebalance a weakness tendency to a strong balance.

A materialistic thinker will benefit from this perspective on a hydrogen atom.

If its proton was the size of a tennis ball, (say 6.5 cm), then its closest electron would be electromagnetically orbiting 1.3 miles away. This helps us grasp the concept that that the universe is essentially waveform or frequency or vibration. Hence all atoms are homogenous electronic forms of vibration but with crystals, the atomic repeating geometrical pattern allows for a boosted transfer of this vibratory energy. According to the rishis and enlightened teachers, in the past we have been recording our own behaviors and actions vibratorily and that it is only natural that the cycle of life creates the "what goes around comes around" karmicly.

However if we can change the exceptionally subtle but consistent karmically returning electromagnetic cycle, we can in fact deflect, dispose, mitigate or nullify some or all of our karmic disposition!! The need for vibratory supplementation only applies to any weakness and hence it is the negative karma that cut crystals and planetary gems can help.

Crystal Structure

Gems are widely different from nearly all other materials. As intelligently grown crystals form, they share by common design unique patterned symmetries in their atomic lattice that structure billions of atoms with their consequently charged electrons into a rare geometrical repeating alignment. The precise geometrical structure adopted by atoms when they link to form a crystal depends upon which kinds of atoms are present at the time, which ones end up in the crystal structure, and the conditions (temperature, pressure, etc.) which control the way they intelligently link together. As an example the photons in a laser beam have extraordinary energy sufficient to cut through thick plates of stainless steel. Thus showing the power of cumulatively aligned sub-atomic particles. Perfect crystals can share a similarity of focused non-scattered radionic energy.

A sapphire gem of five carats (one gram of sapphire crystal) is made of 10,000 million atoms of aluminum and oxygen which have linked together at high temperature to form a crystal structure in a threefold repeating pattern.

We also must remember that subatomic particles are never at rest which is why crystals do not run out of energy and influence.

Unlike the situation with most non-crystalline forms of matter, the unusual atomic geometrical and symmetrical alignment effectively allows for a greatly amplified flow of unencumbered and regulated homogenous frequency waves that can harmonize (resonate) and strengthen the correlative beneficial radiations that the planets shower upon the earth.

The planets radiations are benign when they are in friendly strengthening parts of the solar system. And it is when they are compromised by unfriendly conjunctions or locations that the body electric of a person may have a past karmic recorded resonance for the negative radiations. Consequently the use of pure metals and gems can be the most beneficial and in a sense act like subtle form of needed electromagnetic nutrition.

Furthermore, energy and its consequent vibratory frequency or waveform spectrum can be resonant, and reflects, all levels and types of consciousness.

Different levels of consciousness attract different qualities of uplifting or depressive thoughts. Gems are considered, by those who study Ayurveda, and Vedic astrology to have a particularly potent and stable resonance of energy (consciousness) due to an exceptionally free flow of energy from their geometrically aligned and charged energy saturated atoms. This resonant energy has either an obvious or subtle effect on the mind (consciousness), depending on the individual wearing the gems.

Scientists have taught the analogy to understand the shear volume of empty but electromagnetically saturated space in an atom, by stating that if we could squeeze all the empty space out of all the atoms in all the 7 billion people in the world, you could indeed fit them into the volume of a sugar cube.

I am not sure if this is accurate but the message is obvious in that there is an enormous amount of charged space in all atomic matter. With planetary gems and certain pure metals we are interacting specific waveforms benign to the human condition's waveforms and using them as a healing or life improving modality.

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