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  1. Many of us have read the great spiritual classic "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda
  2. Stories and Advice from a living Saint
  3. Essential Information On Why We Should Avoid Exposure To Eclipses
  4. A few comments about William Shakespeare and his writings on Astrology and the Eclipse.
  5. An interesting coincidence between Saint Hildegard Von Bingen who lived in Rheinland, Germany, from 1098 � 1179 and Paramahansa Yogananda Author of �Autobiography of a Yogi�
  6. The Starter Bangle
  7. The Covered Gem Bangle and influence of Pure Noble Metals
  8. So how do nine gem bangles mitigate or nullify negative Karma?
  9. The investment logic of buying an Astrological Nine Gem Bangle.
  10. A simple introduction to how gems work in mitigating karma.

Yoga Woman Cobra

Ayurvedic Astrological Jewelry: Improving one's Karma with the use of Gems, Metals, Crystal Talismans and Amulets

This book has over 200 pages of information, scientific perspectives. and stories about the power of gems, crystals, pure silver,copper and gold with testimonials and historical background all in the light of Eastern astrological science. A unique collection of esoteric knowledge about the spiritual aspects and healing qualities of this rare type of jewelry, including related text spoken by spiritual masters about this intriguing subject. It is very rare to find a book dedicated to the art of mitigating or nullifying negative karma by using passive instruments such as a navaratna.

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