An interesting coincidence between
Saint Hildegard Von Bingen who lived in Rheinland, Germany, from 1098 – 1179 and Paramahansa Yogananda Author of “Autobiography of a Yogi”.

To connect several statements issued by two great saints that lived nearly a thousand years apart on a very little known subject of the remedial powers of gemstones can create a controversial and fascinating subject.

Saint Hildegard Von Bingen lived in Rheinland, Germany, from 1098 - 1179. She is regarded as one of the greatest spiritual mystics in recorded history. Beatified by the Catholic Church, her visions and words were recorded into an extensive book that covered many subjects as well as the healing powers of gems. (It is important to understand that the terminology and dogma of that ancient era portrays a form of expression which we may consider inappropriate or medieval in this day of more complex vocabulary.) In the first paragraph of the Fourth Book of Physica, Preface, she wrote:

"Every stone has fire and humidity in it. But the devil shies away from them and hates and despises the precious stones, because he remembers that their beauty appeared in him before he fell from the honor given to him by God and also because certain precious stones are created by fire, in which he has his punishment. Because, by the will of God, he has been defeated by fire and fell into fire, in the same way as he is defeated by the fire of the Holy Ghost when a man is pulled away from his jaws by the first receiving of the Holy Ghost."And from the Fourth Book of Physica, chapter 4-17 "Of the Diamond," last sentence: "The devil is an enemy of this little stone because it resists his power. Therefore he is repelled by it day and night."

In light of the above quotes there is a striking similarity of reference to a nine gem bangle that Paramahansa Yogananda also wrote about and that Swami Sri Yukteswar advised him to wear in order to ward off the interest of Satan.

Decide for yourself to see if three great saints are not with the same conclusion when it comes to protection from the evil eye etc via the use of gemstones.

Before Paramahansa Yogananda returned from India in 1936, his Guru Sri Yukteswar had advised him to wear a “certain kind of bangle”. We know from earlier photographs that the great Master already wore two other bangles, one being the three metal pure gold, silver and copper bangle that is sold by Self Realization Fellowship to its members and is also referenced on the another that was a lead/ silver alloyed bangle that he wrote about in chapter 16 of the “Autobiography of Yogi” called “Outwitting the Stars”.

It is apparent, based on dated and signed photographs taken of Yogananda after his trip to India, that the bangle he was advised to wear was the nine-gem bangle or Navaratna as they are called in Sanskrit. Nava means nine and ratna translates as gemstone.

The following passage is from page 382 of “The Divine Romance” published by Self- Realization Fellowship in the chapter titled “Personal and Impersonal God”.

Before his passing, my great guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar, told me to wear a certain kind of bangle as a special protection. With faith in his blessing in the bangle, I put it on. When I was in Bombay just before returning to America, I realized that the satanic power was trying to destroy my life, to prevent me from fulfilling the mission given to me by God and my guru. I wasn’t afraid; I knew God was with me and I remembered Master’s promise of protection. I put a little light on in my room, because the evil forces do not like light. For a little while I sat meditating, watchful of my spirit. And then I felt sleepy. As I opened my eyes and looked toward the right wall of the room, I saw the black form of Satan, horrible, with a catlike face and tail. It leaped on my chest, and my heart stopped beating. Mentally I said: “I am not afraid of you. I am Spirit.” But still my heart wouldn’t work. Suddenly I glimpsed an ochre robe, and there stood Master. He commanded Satan to leave; and as soon as he spoke, the evil figure vanished and my breath started to flow again. I cried out: “My Master!” He said: “Satan was trying to destroy you, But fear not. I am with you evermore.”I could even smell the familiar, gentle fragrance that emanated from Master’s form, just as when he was incarnate on earth.

Such experiences convince you that the forces of good and evil do exist, just as radio vibrations are present in space, If you dig into the ether with a radio receiver, immediately you can hear songs that have been broadcast from another point in space. Likewise the saints, by tuning in their minds to God, have drawn Him from the silence of space. He and His saints are right here, hidden behind the ether. Tuning in with Them is not simple, but unless you learn to do this, how are you going to convince yourself that God is ?

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