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Quantum physics has proven that all matter is composed of light waves, which have frozen into different types of patterns. Light itself is divided into the spectrum of colors we are all familiar with (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet). Our physical bodies, electrical bodies, and consciousness all emanate light in an invisible manner.

Our intelligent physical body knows how to optimize the use of vitamins and minerals in the food we eat. Our electrical body likewise knows how to optimize its vitality field through selectively supplementing its electrical signature via the frequencies of the color spectrum.

Science has discovered that we have an electrical body, and that body has waves. We can thrive via electromagnetic supplementation of deeply colored crystal frequency interaction.

The geometrical laser-like alignment of the spinning and color catching electrons in the crystal structure radiate outwards into the area of skin contact which then flows into the entire electrical body.

Similar to choosing the right type and quality of food we give our physical bodies, to be vibrantly healthy, one can offer the electrical body the option for it to choose intelligently which array of required frequencies it will thrive upon. The perfectly grown crystals in our Frequency Bangles have a spectrum of benign colored frequencies, which many individuals attest to having a powerful uplifting effect on their wellbeing.

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The importance of understanding what an X class solar flare can do and the need to be prepared for one.

The amazing qualities and food solutions in drought conditions of the the spineless Nopal Cactus.

Its time to be aware and prepare for a time that the planets weather and other events can create severe food shortages.


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Astrogems ayurvedic astrological jewelry banner for free vedic horoscope

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frequency jewelry Nick from has been studying the influence of gemstones with clients for over 30 years. Because of that research this website is a whole new direction for using colored quartz gems for great benefit. Amethyst and Citrine as well as other quartz colors when worn in large sizes can have a definite shakti and balancing effect on the wearer. Of particular interest has been the discovery that when wearing a meditation bangle similar to that shown on this site. The meditator feels a deeper calm and ability to focus on the meditation technique. One day the world will understand this science much more but for the time being, we think we are ahead of the curve. Hypnosis is a wonderful support to the dreams and goals we have in life, especially when an underlying subconscious thought gets in our way. Sometimes we are not aware this is occurring and by learning to alter these old patterns we are able to move forward with surprising ease and removal of old habits.. Hypnosis is a teamwork effort, whereby you are in control, the hypnotist simply guides your subconscious based upon your input. Is a great website that focuses on the healing influence of different forms of healing radiation via different modalities. It is common for individuals to limit their focus to one or two kinds of modality when in fact they need to do several to overcome their health challenge. Paramahansa Yogananda wrote in his book "The Divine Romance":"In this age , man will make great headway in the electrical or electromagnetic field of science. As Dwapara Yuga progresses, disease will be treated and healed more and more by rays. Vibratory energy can reach the electronic factors of the atoms, the building blocks of matter, where gross chemicals cannot penetrate." Is a great website with many beautifull yantras for sale. Check out the wonderful video.

WWW.YOGANANDA.US Is an interesting website referring to a lot of interesting aspects of Yogananda's teachings and ashrams as well as offering several free services. It is also designed as a helpfull geographical business network directory for Kriyabans who are members of Self Realization Fellowship.

Alkaline Ionized Water for Health and Meditation - Karen Kean
Many people use Ionized alkaline water filters to improve their health and increase mental clarity in Meditation.
As we get older the bodies tendency to clog with acidic wastes at the cellular level increases. This affects the concentration and helps make our mental and physical processes much less efficient etc. Electrically charged ionized oxygenated alkaline water is unstableand loses most of its charge over a few hours but when drunk fresh-made in a consistent manner greatly detoxifies the body and brain while we eat normally. Acidic waste in the body has an excess of positive ions (electrons) and the high number of free negative ions in the ionized water electrically erode the sedimented acidic waste at a micro-particulate level thereby detoxing, super- hydrating and alkalizing the body, to read about the many health benefits from drinking freshly charged ionized alkaline water please visit:-- or contact Karen Kean at 760 536 6707 Accidents, work related injuries or participation in sports can create internal force fields in the body. Petra's session ( by phone or clinical setting) bring pain relieve, less tension, a larger range of motion, calmness, lightness and overall function of the body.
"As a personal observer of individuals who Petra has worked on remotely i would like to add I have friends who are very amazed by the ability of Petra to channel healing energy and remove pain which is why we added this link." - Nick Hodgson

Tamiko Fischer has been practicing Vedic astrology since 1998. Services include birth chart rectification ( finding an unknown time of birth), relationship compatibility, location analysis ( finding the best places to live, based on principles of Vedic chart interpretation), Muhurta ( finding the best times for important beginnings of all kinds ), recommendation of Pujas ( traditional Vedic ritual prayer often performed to mitigate difficult planetary effects) and astrological gemstone recommendation.To find out more about Tamiko's work please visit:

It May Come Back? Explains how public safety needs to move into the future using the internet. The public needs to be more involved in solving crime and not delegate everything to law enforcement. Nick from Astrogems has penned some different essays that are panning out to show promise with recent developments.

Hearts For Love Is another website of Nicks that specializes in the universal icon of love carved out of natural stone? Offering hand carved stone hearts of large sizes to the wholesale market.

Roger Hodgson crystal healing picture
Roger Hodgson, my brother, the co-founder and former lead vocalist of Supertramp, pictured here wearing one of my bangles. He's just released his new album entitled, "Open the Door".   

Jyotish Academy International. Offering Certificates in Vedic Astrology. Home of Käla-Vedic Astrology Software and Käla Occult Publishers.

Saints & Sages

Self Realization Fellowship The international nonprofit society founded by Paramahansa Yogananda, who is widely revered today as one of the preeminent spiritual figures of our time.

Mata Amritanandamayi (Ammachi) The famous Avarata from Kerala, South India. People from all walks of life seek out the Mother, as she is affectionately called. She receives everyone in the same loving way, regardless of his religious faith or non-belief.

Swami Chinmayananda He worked relentlessly for about 40 years to bring about spiritual revival in India and abroad. His unique style and logical approach is appealing to all, young and old.

Ramana Maharshi known as The Sage of Arunachala, is widely recognised as perhaps one of the most unique spiritual personalities of the 20th Century.

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Living Wholeness: Ayurveda for Mind-Body Health Experts to help you achieve your personal health goals. Over 250 ayurvedic products with extensive descriptions. A large site from Astrogems offering jewelry, spiritual pictures and a host of other items that we get manufactured exclusively for Astrogems. If you are a legitimate retailer please contact us for the wholesale website, log in on one of our other sites which is

Bach Flowers for Health: At the ending of a paragraph from the chapter 'Outwitting the Stars,' Paramahansa Yogananda wrote in the 'Autobiography of a Yogi' "Certain plant preparations we also found to be helpful. Most effective are faultless jewels of not less than two carats." In this chapter he is referring to different methods the rishis had discovered to lessen or nullify man's negative karma. After years of research Julie Briggs offers her services to teach people how to prepare their own Individualized Treatment Bottle of Bach Flower essences as another modality to lessen negative karma.

Dwapara Yuga: The Age of Dwapara Yuga can be characterized by a breakdown of the idea of a material world and a growing consciousness of the underlying unity of peoples, energy and nature. Here are some observations around Dwapara Yuga and Yogananda's teachings of high thinking and simple living.


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