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Gaetan Chevalier, Research Director at Psy-tek International, did a kirlian
photographic analysis test on the integration of a frequency bangle -"it works
- it's powerful." See the results filmed live in Encinitas by
with Nick Hodgson, President of and

It was fun meeting Nick and Jacklyn Sutton from DestinatioNow at the Kino Tucson Gem and Mineral show. They are travellilng RV videographers who tell stories of their travels. And after asking me how gems can improve one's karmic pattern, they asked if they could video my answer. Thanks to them here, is a fun conversation about Astrogems


Interview with Nick Hodgson (Astrogems Owner) on how Astrogems began

Interview with Nick Hodgson on why he favors laboratory grown ruby and emerald

Interview with Nick Hodgson: The diference between laboratory grown gems and typical synthetic gems

Angelica Christi

Buying Precious Gems

I often visit different gem mining areas around the world that offer the best prices for natural unenhanced ayurvedic astrological gemstones. This video discusses some of the procedures hunting for the the appropriate gem crystals while in Sri Lanka.

Rubies at the Gem Show

Buyer Beware.... when buying rubies. 99.9% of them have been superfried at very high temperatures. Disolving the essentila molecular crystal lattice so important for ayurvedic gemstone vibration and electro magnetic radiation. it is essential you buy from a well traveled gem dealer who keeps up with the latest market treatments and how to detect them. So many gem dealers do not care to demand and investigate thouroughly a a gemstones history and are not certified or qualified to identify the color enhancing treatments.


What the Yoga Masters and Other Saints have said about the benefits of Gemstones touching the skin.

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