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How is an Astrological ring designed?

The important difference between a conventional ring and an Ayurvedic Astrological ring is that with an Ayurvedic ring, the gem has direct contact with the person's finger. Generally, I'm not fond of rings because I don't think the apex of the gem is the best part to be touching the skin. In the picture below, you can see how a pearl or coral can be set to press into the finger. This is not as efficient, however, when the apex of a facetted gemstone touches the finger. If you have a magnet and try to lift a metal object using a only its corner, not enough magnetism will be transferred to lift the object. But if a large surface area of that same magnet is used, it will easily lift that same metal object. I believe it is the same with the electro-magnetic radiation transfer of gems. Sometimes a bigger gem may not be as beneficial as a smaller one that has a much larger skin contact area. Before gems were affordable, astrologers would recommend only one gem to wear. That tradition has continued to this day, even though gems are much more plentiful and affordable now. We recommend the nine-gem Navaratna arm bangle, because all too often people tell us that although they like the look of a ring, they don't feel much benefit. But clients are contstantly impressed by the bangle, with its large skin contact area.

Feel welcome to print out this drawing if you'd like to use it to show a local jeweler. We often recommend that you get measured for a ring locally and supervise the setting and design of the ring in person. We have sold many gems to clients who have had their rings made in their local town.

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