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Are there other forms of positive action one might take in addition to wearing, or in place of, gems?

The saints and sages of India advocated that the best remedial agents for happiness, and its evolutionary peak-Enlightenment-are: wisdom-guided self-discipline, improving one's character, correct behavior, yoga meditation (especially with the use of pranayama), devotional worship, prayer, and other life-changing disciplines. This wise advice still, and always, is true. However, added to these were some unusual agents that are unconventional in Western thinking. The interesting thing about these other remedial agents are their passive characteristics. It doesn't take any effort to wear a gem (or gems); it doesn't take effort to use herbs or wear metal bangles. Neither does it take effort to have a pujari priest do pujas for you (for planetary pujas I strongly recommend the pujas offered from theAmmachi Center).

What the rishis stressed, above all else, is that an intelligent person interested in his/her evolution should make it a life study to enthusiastically pursue the aids towards enlightenment to use all the information on his "life-map" in order to reach his or her goal.

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