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I was told by a vedic astrologer that you should never wear a gemstone for a planet that is a malefic in your chart because doing so would amplify its negative energy, and that you should only wear stones for benefic planets that are weak. I’ve also been told that you shouldn't wear stones together if their planets are enemies with each other. But the traditional navaratna has gems for all nine planets of the vedic chart. What is your position on this?

Most modern vedic astrologers subscribe to the school of thought that one should not wear a gem for malefic planets in the chart. However, ancient astrologers did otherwise. In fact, these astrologers considered all gems to be supportive influences. The greatest authority in Vedic Astrology from whom we have intact, non-corrupted texts is the renowned sage Varaha Mihira where in his "Brihat Samhita" he states that all gems give good luck when worn, thereby endorsing the wearing of any and all gems that an individual is able to obtain. He is regarded as the founding father of karmic mitigation through the use of gemstones and his is also the earliest astrological text that says anything about gems, being dated around 500AD. It is very unfortunate that the average vedic astrologer, even teachers, do not take the time to study their ancient texts.

The next text that states anything about wearing gems is the 17th century Muhurta Chintamani in which Daivagya Acharya sri Ram recommends wearing the gem for a planet when it is in bad transit position from the Moon, regardless of which planet and whether it is malefic or benign for the chart. Again, it is unfortunate that most modern astrologers do not even own a copy of Muhurta Chintamani.

Ancient authorities aside, the testing I have seen done by open-minded astrologers and gem practitioners who had access to several varieties of gems have reached conclusions that support the idea that all gems are helpful. Some astrologers seemed to somehow think that a gem that strengthens a planet is also strengthening its negative placement in the chart. This supposition developed during a lengthy period in India during the Kali Yuga when the lack of economic wealth created a situation where the great majority of gem buying customers could only afford one gemstone, so a culture developed around that limiting practice.

Our experience has taught us that this is not the correct paradigm at all. A planet in a weakened position in the chart is not able to give the individual its full potential of electro-magnetic frequency, and its weakness will manifest in association with how it has been weakened. A vedic astrological gemstone has a resonance similar to the planet and not to its weakening influence. The gem does not enter the chart but the person’s electrical field which is not receptive to the planet’s benign electro-magnetic radiations. Gems cannot amplify the weakness of a planet, rather they are like an added supplement to overcome a weakened receptivity due to a debilitated position. In fact, it’s important to remember that we’re currently in the beginning of the Dwapara Yuga, a period of comparatively weakened planetary stimuli, and all of us are not receiving any of the various planetary radiations in the optimal manner.

In India there are many conflicts within the Jyotish world on how to recommend gemstones. In my view a lot of this lack of grace has developed from astrologers steering their customers toward gem dealers with whom they’ve agreed secret commissions. In turn, many honest astrologers appalled by this corruption have decided to avoid investigating the science of astrological gems completely.

At Astrogems we’ve been creating multi-gem astrological bangles for over 30 years and have served over 3000 clients, each with his or her own unique horoscope and karma. We are very frequently asked this question and the individuals who wear our bangles discover that as long as the doshas are balanced in the gem bangle (e.g. putting hot stones with cool stones), then the wearer’s electrical, mental, spiritual, and physical bodies know how to utilize them to great benefit. I would have stopped making navaratnas in a heartbeat if I had witnessed a pattern of not getting great results.

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