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I notice from your drawings that the gems are set with the flat side touching the skin. I would prefer the gems to be facing outside so that the jewelry looks more beautiful. Why do you do it this way?

There is no doubt the jewelry is more appealing with the gems touching from the pointed side. There are many things that I do that are not the best from an aesthetic standpoint. Primarily the reason is that again and again my feedback from clients is that they feel more well-being from the bangle when the gems are set with the greatest available skin contact. Those that have tried the gems both ways generally express increased well-being when the gems have the table side down. From a crystal point of view there isn't a top or bottom to most faceted gems. Naturally if a client specifically wants the gems set face side out, I will do it. As long as they at least know what my feedback is. Again I would like to stress that my main focus is on an instrument of negative karmic mitigation as well as enhancing positive karmic tendencies. It's not just jewelry. It is because of this that I have not got side tracked by making bangles with the smaller gems that one sees so often in India which, by comparison, I feel do very little.


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