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I read that Astrogems offers a free 9 gem Planetary recommendation service along with a free vedic horoscope, could you explain this further and show a sample of one?

This is correct for many years we would get our clients analysed by a well renowned Vedic astrologer who offered to build a program for analysing the complex yogas and aspects in the chart for making the correct gem recommendations in order of importance to the wearer.
With the gem recommendation service is also a free natal chart that we email as well as breakdown of the dasha periods that the individual is passing through. Other usefull information like ones birthstar are also included incase one wants to pursue pujas as well. There are some personal vetting of the information that we get done before emailing you back the full document which is often about 16 pages long. But we try to get it emailed back within 12 hours.

Click here to see a sample of the size and scope of the customised nine gem analysis and horoscope.


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