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Because the frequency bangles that you make have large deeply colored quartz in them, can you give an authoritative reference to deeply colored quartz being a beneficial material for spiritual and hence karmic upliftment?

Deeply colored quartz is much more effective when touching the skin but even a few feet away as a window it can be of benefit. Paramahansa Yogananda refers to yellow quartz in an early version of the lessons from Self-Realization Fellowship. Please also understand that yellow quartz is also called Citrine. But virtually all good colored citrine is severely heat treated to make it yellow and hence we don't sell or use it. Hence the best yellow citrine is grown crystals that have a deep yellow color at the time of crystal growth .

Here is a small paragraph of an interesting out of print 1926 Yogoda Satsanga Society lesson 5. (If you are interested in the more extensive How to live lessons from Self Realization Fellowship you can apply here.)
The Divine Magnetic Diet: Physical and Mental methods for Rejuvenating the Body Cells and Awakening the Latent Powers of the Mind and Inner Forces of the Soul.

By Swami Yogananda Published by Yogoda Satsanga Society, 3880 San Rafael Avenue, Mount Washington.
The magnetic diet consists of such food substitutes as rays and oxygen, which can be easily assimilated and converted into energy by latent forces in the body. Magnetic foods give energy more quickly than solids and liquids, which are less easily converted into life force.
Ordinary window glass prevents the sun's ultraviolet rays from penetrating into a room. Living in a sunroom enclosed by yellow quartz, glass through which the ultraviolet sunrays penetrate, would supply the human body with magnetic spiritual nutriment and make it in turn spiritually magnetic. A man living in a room enclosed by red quartz glass would find brute force developing within himself.
Each one of the many billions of cells within the human body is a tiny mouth taking nourishment. The life force identified with the body, creates within us a desire to derive energy from the circulation and from meat and other foods taken into the stomach. The life force must be trained to draw energy from subtler sources. The body's energy requirements can be supplied partly by sunshine and oxygen, which are absorbed by the pores. For this reason, the surface of the skin must be kept scrupulously clean at all times.
A body, mind and soul magnet, recharged with good food, rays, power, wisdom and bliss, draws unto itself all material and spiritual souls, spiritually deeply magnetic, like itself. A spiritual magnet is charged with the life of God, Whomsoever it touches it makes God of him.
Summary those who think that life depends only on breakfast, lunch and dinner_ on solids and liquids _ are gross minded. We can derive energy either from material foods or from the Cosmic Source.
The man of the future will draw nourishment from the ether and from the ocean of invisible Cosmic energy inn which he moves and has his being. It is the aim of this lesson:
  1. To direct the student's attention to the advisability of drawing his energy requirements So far as possible, from air and sunlight. The nourishment derived from these two sources can be most easily converted into energy within the body.
  2. To show the student the necessity of choosing only those material foods which emit and lodge spiritual vibrations in the man's mind and brain.

If I may take the liberty of adding to the summary comments: Swami Sri Yukteswar wore two bangles , he did not wear a three metal astrological bangle as he clearly indicated in the "Autobiography of a Yogi" that astrological gems were more effective. Between him and Paramahansa Yogananda they wore 5 astrological bangles. Two of which were the nine-gem astrological bangle. I believe they did this for the passive strengthening benefits but also to not deny their influence as a beneficial protection from the dark forces and to show others that such logic is suitable and highly respected. So often intelligent and devoted followers of these great world teachers indicate that their protection is enough when in fact they are showing others how to protect themselves through the use of astrological bangles as well. As universally open-minded thinkers they naturally took advantage of any instrument that was simple and worthwhile.

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