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Paramahansa Yogananda said one's birth time is actually the moment of conception, and that the exact birth time is critical to an accurate astrological reading. How does one calculate the "birth at conception" time for the purpose of a horoscope?

This is a conundrum many astrologers would like to ignore. However the art of astrology based on birth time is still relevant. It is just another measure of an astrologically auspicious event. When a person does not have an accurate information about his or her birth time, an astrological rectification is done. This is achieved by analyzing significant events in the person's life. Accidents, travel, marriage, children, death in the family, relocation of home, promotions, changes in employment, and illnesses are all examples of details an astrologer would use in a rectification. This is a well established science and many books cover this subject. It can be argued that the birth event is such a powerful and significant karmic development that it must have a direct relationship to the actual time of conception. Many believe that the time of birth is also in karmic continuance with the time of conception, and that astrology as an art form has defined and refined itself around the birth event.

When one is endeavoring to find the best solution for karmic remediation with gemstones, one should realize that at best Astrology is still a mathematical and intuitive subject practiced by sincere but inadequate persons who are not of the consciousness or understanding of Swami Sri Yukteswar, or any other great sage. I do not know of a living consultant astrologer capable of defining the time of conception based on birth time. In light of this, I decided many years ago after getting many different gemstone recommendations that were not in agreement with each other, that it is best to wear all the available planetary gems as electromagnetic vitamin supplements to one's karmic pattern. It is my belief that as long as the doshas of the gems are in a good talismanic balance, i.e. hot with cold stones etc., the most powerful instrument for this purpose is a holistic nine-gem or multi-gem bangle.

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