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Why do you choose to work in silver and yellow gold versus white gold? Is it to  give the greatest affordability or for another electromagnetic reason?

Yogananda said that in order for metals to have a pure astral light, they have to be in pure elemental form. With gold, the purest we can work with is 22kt. Those that have worn a gold bangle, having transferred the gems from a silver one, say that they feel a lift to their physical strength and well-being. 

I do not credit sterling silver with being nearly as effective as pure silver, but structural integrity is more essential . I cannot have my bangles falling apart down the road. Yogananda said that silver has a similar electromagnetic radiation as the moon. Gold is for the sun and copper for Mars. However metals are more for the body and are not as powerful as gems are on the mind.

White gold is too diluted, and though we do work in it, I do not recommend it over yellow gold.  I try to do what I find works, because a lot of astrologers seem to have this pet attraction for recommending white gold. Lets look a little deeper:     

There are two types of white gold. Both look the same, both are 18kt, but read on. One is 75% gold, 15%Nickel, 5%copper, and 5% zinc. Zinc and Nickel are not noble metals, nor metals that conduct the body's static electricity well.   

The other type of white gold that we can do  is 75% gold and 25% palladium. Palladium is presently (Nov. 2001) over $800 an ounce. Not many casting jewelers like to work with it, because of the low profit margin. I would prefer the palladium alloy but when we tell them the price, most clients opt for 22kt gold, which is either done in 92% gold, 4% silver and 4% copper (all noble metals), or  a mix of   90% gold and 10% silver. Therefore, although white gold looks like polished silver that does not lose its shiny luster,  I do not feel it is as beneficial to wear as 22kt yellow gold.

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