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A two carat cut and faceted diamond would be prohibitively expensive. Isn't there a substitute gem for the diamond?

Many astrologers advise white sapphire for Venus as a substitute stone for the diamond. I feel that if the client is really serious about getting an affordable and correct electromagnetic gem for Venus, then it has to be a diamond crystal, as so far I have not found any Puranic text advising white sapphire. I suspect the unethical practice in India of astrologers selling white sapphires for Venus influence began as a consequence of not having any diamonds for sale. They suggested white sapphires as being the next best thing. There is no evidence from any illumined sages that white sapphires are viable substitutes for diamonds. And thus, as it is not referenced in the Vedas by the rishis, then individuals sincerely interested in improving their magnetic karmic pattern should not be swayed by the cosmetic appeal of the white sapphire. There are also other concerns I have over white sapphire.

My experience has been that, of all the sapphires, it is most difficult to detect heat treatment of white sapphire. Its crystal clear quality prevents several gemological procedures from detecting the violent heat-treatment process, potentially in excess of 1600 degrees Celsius. So common is the practice of heating the milkier sapphires to clear transparent white (97% with stones over two carats), that I am reluctant to guarantee any white sapphire. Often when heating yellow or blue sapphires to bring up the color, they go the other way and turn crystal clear. These falsified gems are then sold as white sapphires.

I sell many uncut diamond crystals of two carats and over which possess all the desired electromagnetic properties as an alternative which offers substantial savings.

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