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Frequently asked questions

Will all SRF Members websites be put on the Members webpage?

Most will and we heartily invite information on new SRF Kriyaban Sites.
Some however may be considered inappropriate to the goals of this page. There are some wonderful sites that already have many of the spiritual sites on the Guru's etc. These sites are accessible from the “ for the love of Yogananda web ring” and many are on this page. Some may get put on this page but this page is mostly about the practical advantages of knowing what other SRF'ers are doing business wise in ones area etc. If we know this then we can network in such a way that we can decide weather to use each others service or product etc.


Why do you only offer to put up just Kriyaban websites?

This service is free. and it costs to do it. Lets face it , This is a challenging path for many and as a consequence many opt out. Those that are in it for the long haul generally make it to Kriya initiation. So if we are going to risk our time and expense on building this page we want to be sure of the persons affiliations and commitment to the Teachings of Paramahansa and the organization he spent so many decades of hard work , developing and establishing .
We don’t want to be in the position of deleting links because the person transferred his loyalties from Masters Society.
Its not a judgment thing, just pragmatism verses expense. Yes , this procedure will be misinterpreted and if a long term member who is not a kriyaban wants to get on then they can email us and we may put them up based on this.


I noticed you have not got a lot of websites set up by SRF members that are related to their business, hobby or profession. Why is this?

Well unless we hear about them we cant put them up. Please feel very welcome to submit the website names of any members that you know . Or ask them to submit their url's to me instead. To [email protected]


How come you have not got any SRF kriyaban websites from my part of world?
Because I don’t know of any , please feel welcome to inform me.



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