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Red Coral Photos

Our Red Coral is not dyed White Coral which is about 95% of the Red Coral seen today.











genuine red coral in it's unbroken branch form
Samples of various coral beads which have been dyed A display of genuine red coral and white coral.
Ultra obvious signs that a coral bracelet has been dyed red.
Examples white coral dyed red, blue, gold and yellow. White bamboo coral before it is dyed red.
How to tell genuine red coral from dyed white coral
Genuine jewelry quality red and white coral in the natural rough form.


Astrogems can make Red Coral Rings and other types of astrological rings in any style. Click on any image below to view our Astrological Rings page or contact us for more details.

red coral ayurvedic astrological rings
vedic red coral astrological rings
red coral astrological rings

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