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Why Deeply Colored Crystal Based Bangles and Pure Metals Can Influence and Enhance Healing.

A Logical Discussion

As the founder of I have made over 3 thousand customized gemstone and pure metal bangles during the last 35 years. I have had the deep and profound privilege of working with clients and have carefully listened to their testimonial feedback, for only experience and consciousness can measure the relative effectiveness of wearing such unusual instruments. This work has spurred my keen interest to experiment with and validate numerous theories to discover how to most effectively improve different karmic situations. I believe I have discovered many new approaches for improving the karmic balance of an individual's electro-magnetic pattern. My unique and extensive studies have resulted in exciting discoveries for improving the human condition, which I present in this essay.

I am not claiming that gems and metals applied to the body can act as a sole cure for any condition. However, sometimes a specially tailored bangle may enter a person's life as they are nearing the tipping point of a healing crisis, creating beneficial results. A little-known saint once said to me, "Healing is usually incremental. When a range of measures or modalities are cumulatively applied, the scale of healing influence can increase to tip the balance in the persons favor." In addition, the more both mental and bodily systems are strengthened and addressed, the more a healing is likely.

I am very skeptical of the "magic bullet paradigm" assumed by so many who blindly expect the doctor to fix them without taking an active responsibility to change their lifestyle and ignore the many wonderful non-invasive modalities outside the pharmaceutical model.

Healing with gems and metals applied directly to the body is in its infancy as a recognized science, although it is ancient in its origins. Location, size of crystal materials, permanent wide surface skin contact, and many more factors play a role in efficacy. This essay addresses the logic and theory of several plausible reasons as to why this is the case.

I will propose several interesting, scientifically accepted theories (some only partially) about why deeply colored crystals and pure metals have surprising and often profound healing effects on the body and mind. This essay is not written to prove crystals and pure metals can have a curative influence. To my experience that has already been demonstrated over the 35 years of my observation and experimental research on thousands of diverse clients. Instead it has been written to interest the layperson or scientist to explore the possibilities, the "how and why's" of the effects of these materials on our electronic and electrical body's recovery or well-being.

The following theories consider the impact of crystal and noble metal interactions on the human electrical body:

  • Resonance
  • Quantum Transcendence
  • Piezoelectric Interaction
  • Inductive and Capacitive Reactance
  • Conductive Reactance
  • Crystal Structure
  • Capacitive Reactance
  • Energy Chakras and Oscillators in the Body
  • Magneto Receptivity
  • Body Capacitance


Most of us understand the theory of resonance from the simple illustration of two well-tuned guitars. While the E string of one is plucked, the other guitar's E string while untouched magically starts to vibrate at the identical frequency.


Resonance can manifest in many forms via sound waves, frequencies, vibration and radiations.

A person suddenly falls ill from a mysterious disease. We know this person would be dead without electricity in their body, yet the traditionally trained doctor will focus on the visible physical symptoms, rather than the electrical malfunctions. All electricity has frequency and a motor with the correct voltage but the wrong megahertz of frequency can quickly break down or not work at all. Is it not logical that our bodies and minds mirror the same process?

Paramahansa Yogananda explained that all thoughts and actions are recorded vibratorily in our chakras and eventually will harmonically resonate with subtle planetary radiations when those planets are in positions that match the vibration of the past activity. These good and bad vibratory recordings can reside for incarnations waiting for the right catalyst of resonance for a karmic return.

colorful-chakras2 colorful-chakras

Quantum Transcendence

Unique to the electrical circuitry of the body is the central nervous system that uses the spine as its central highway. Like a major river with many tributaries, all messages from one part of the body travel to the brain via the spinal river way. If two identical crystals of similar structure and color are being worn touching the skin, a message of resonance and quantum transcendence is going to pass from one facetted crystal based gem to another. It will do so via the very conductive electrical central nervous system in the spine. All trauma and vibratory recordings are stored in the chakras and hence these same waveforms can eventually manifest in the spine as misalignment or pain. When wearing Ayurvedically-correct deeply colored crystals, the frequency oscillations of the crystal's interaction with the electrical body will pass through the same chakras and influence or even cancel out certain levels of recorded trauma vibration. This in turn can heal the individual when the correct recipe of deeply colored crystals are applied at the correct meridian body points. Testimonials such as removal of pain, bad habits and raised wellbeing are common responses from my clients to wearing bangles, gems or metals uniquely chosen for them. Besides resonance, there is another scientific discovery that that should be considered when evaluating how large deeply colored perfect crystals and pure metals can positively affect or beneficially influence areas of the human condition.

The Chakras

Absurd as it may sound to many individuals. the giant spinning planets also affect our electrical karmically-governed systems. All planets have gravity and strong or weak magnetospheres. How can a planet like Jupiter which can be from 365 to 601 million miles away depending on the orbital position, have an influence over our lives? But let's look at its powerful radiations from the viewpoint of what is likely to dilute its outgoing radiation.


The planets of our solar system sit in the vacuum of outer space. A radio signal will dissipate on planet Earth due to the massive resistance within in our atmosphere such as moisture, dust, and radio waves. However, in the vacuum of space there is almost near zero resistance. When Voyager 1 sends its radio signals to earth from 14 billion miles away it can only do so because of the near zero resistance of the vacuum of space. Jupiter is 318 times bigger than Earth and its spinning dynamo has a visible magnetosphere that exudes massive radiation or frequencies that interact with our sensitive chakras. When its position creates a waveform radiation that harmonically interacts and resonates with the past vibratory recordings in our chakras. an electro-magnetic force is created to allow for a return of karma. These radiations that emanate from the planets' magnetospheres travel at extreme speed and consistency out into space with almost near zero dilution. These waveform radiations have a specific frequency measurement just as does the Earth's magnetospheres frequency which is called the "Schumann's Resonance" is 7.83 megahertz and can vary up to 45 megahertz. The human brain has a resonant frequency of 10 hertz.


Without electricity the body is dead. Though at the quantum level we are beings of light, on the manifesting level we more are obviously beings of electrical circuitry . We are electricity (consciousness) and not the physical body it rules over and resides in. All electricity has waveform or frequency and if this frequency or electromagnetic radiation is out of balance from trauma or negative lifestyle choices, the body's homeostasis will eventually move into disease. When these natural frequency signals become scrambled, so does our body's ability to self-regulate and maintain healthy function.

Crystals and certain pure metals can act as breakers to regulate or supplement the exceptionally important and most often overlooked waveform pattern of the electrical body.

Paramahansa Yogananda wrote in his classic "Autobiography of a Yogi" "Just as a house can be fitted with a copper rod to absorb the shock of lightning, so the bodily temple can be benefited by various protective measures. Ages ago our yogis discovered that pure metals emit an astral light which is powerfully counteractive to negative pulls of the planets. Subtle electrical and magnetic radiations are constantly circulating in the universe; when a man's body is being aided, he does not know it; when it is being disintegrated, he is still in ignorance. Can he do anything about it? ..... Planets and stars of themselves have no conscious power to guide or determine the destiny of man. But as the whole universe consists of and is held in existence by Nature's creative vibratory power, each individual unit radiates a characteristic electromagnetic vibration that links it with other units in the cosmos. Depending on the interaction, these vibrations are productive of good or ill. Man is a miniature of the universe in which he lives. His basic composition - of which his physical body is merely a gross manifestation - is his astral body formed from the thoughts of God and structured around and from the creative forces and consciousness in the spiritual eye and the subtle cerebrospinal centers. The spiritual eye has a correspondence with the cosmic sun; and the six - twelve by polarity - spinal centers (medullary, cervical, dorsal, lumbar, sacral, and coccygeal plexuses) correspond to planetary influences representing by the twelve zodiacal signs of astrology. The astrological stars of a person are nothing but an environment he himself has chosen by the karmic pattern he has fashioned by his past-life actions. According to his karmic pattern he is attracted to be reborn on earth at a given time that is favorable to the fulfillment of that pattern.


He also wrote...
From page 354 God Talks with Arjuna, chapter..KARMA YOGA: THE PATH OF SPIRITUAL ACTION

It is not the stars themselves that control the happening in man's life but rather his individual karma that, when ripe for fruition, is affected beneficially or adversely by the electromagnetic vibrations of the heavenly bodies. The reaction of the stars to the human body and mind is very subtle. The astral forces radiating to the earth from the heavens interact with those in the spinal centers that sustain man's body. Ignorant man does not realize how body and mind are changed though his good and bad actions, and how his actions affect - positively or negatively - the centers of the spine. Persons whose bodies and minds and material environment are out of order, the result of transgressions of spiritual law, have inharmony between the energies of the spinal centers and those radiating from the twelve signs of the zodiac.

The true science of astrology, therefore, is mathematics of one's own actions, not the mathematics of the brainless stars. Karma governs the stars and one's destiny, but karma is governed by one's willpower. What is to be does not necessarily have to be.

Man's free will and divine determination can change the course of events in his life, or at least mitigate adverse aspects. One whose body and mind are very strong is impervious to adverse astrological influences: there may be no outwardly observable reaction at all, even when evil vibrations may be radiating from negative configuration of the stars. But if body and mind have been weakened by wrong eating, wrong thinking, bad character, and bad company, then the stellar rays have the power to activate latent harmful effects of past karma.

Piezoelectric Interaction

Chemically, quartz is a specific form of a compound called silicon dioxide. Many materials can be formed into plates that will resonate. However, quartz is also a piezoelectric material: that is, when a quartz crystal is subject to mechanical stress, such as bending, it accumulates electrical charge across some planes. In a reverse effect, if electrical charges are placed across the crystal plane, quartz crystals will bend. Since quartz can be directly driven (to flex) by an electric signal, no additional transducer is required to use it as a resonator.

There is a growing body of literature about the role of oscillators in the living body and about the interactions between different oscillators.

Many in the yoga field will liken oscillators to the Chakras.

Considering the importance of endogenous oscillators in regulating the body's functions, and the existence of 'dynamical diseases', diseases of control systems which involve oscillators in the body, A non invasive vibratory way to mend dysfunctioning oscillators should be greatly appreciated.

An electronic oscillator is an electronic circuit that produces a periodic, oscillating electronic signal, often a sine wave or a square wave. When this circuit passes through the quartz resonator. The resonator acts as an electronic filter, eliminating all but the single frequency of interest. The output of the resonator feeds back to the input of the oscillator which we believe at Astrogems is the case of our quartz frequency bangle that resonates a recipe of benign frequencies to modulate the electrical body. The electrical body is both an oscillator and an amplifier and the crystal based arm or leg bangles resonate waveforms back to influence the oscillators. Because systems in the body function rhythmically, abnormalities in rhythm are of major clinical importance. And as mentioned before when a house breaker is put in an electrical circuit it can modulate the amperage and it is our belief that the electrical field of the human body and brain can be modulated and supplemented by the degree of the crystal based (bangle) instruments effectiveness. However healing does not come from supplementing and already hyperactive condition but from assisting the body to stabilize into a balanced vital pattern.

The frequency at which the crystal interacts with a persons electrical body will depend on its shape, size, depth and tone of color , surface contact area , location on the body and the crystal plane on which the quartz is cut relative to its C axis

The Living body might be described as an aggregate of coupled oscillators whose coupling can vary from zero to very strong. The vibratory and electrical modes of coupling may be physical , , biochemical , hormonal or neuronal. The human body produces complex electrical activity in several different types of cells. Which include neurons, endocrine, and muscle cells – all called "excitable cells". As all electricity does, this activity also creates a magnetic field. If any of these fields are out of balance and need strengthening it only makes sense that certain external instruments can be of great aid to facilitate balance. Pulsed electro magnetic frequencies , grounding and ayurvedic metal and gem jewelry correctly made and located can all help to rebalance an individual's capacity for health. The interesting difference is that while many walk around with psychological baggage and weaknesses ayurvedic crystal jewelry has been shown to have significant assistance to a wide host of negative mental habits.

At astrogems we find it conceivable that the large deeply colored quartz based bangles that we call "Frequency Bangles" may supplement dysfunctional oscillators . A weak oscillator could be strengthened through extended intensive activation and perhaps reopen the waveform or frequency pattern of the neuronal channels which connect the two oscillators for a return to homeostasis.

Also of great interest to our research for strengthening energy balancing process, apart from the crystal bangles can be pure metal necklaces , bracelets or anklets of specific noble metals.

Location of these metals in relation to the body's electrical field will one day become a science in itself depending on the electrically induced disease imbalance. In a different chapter I intend to write extensively on discoveries made in this fascinating field with different metals.

Quantum Transcendence

This essay has been written to explain a discovery that when two similar gemstones are placed essentially at opposite ends of the nervous systems riverway being the spine, they can retune and supplement an amplified benign resonance but also a quantum transcendence. I believe this proven quantum theory is exceptionally exciting to the electronic health of the individual. When two facetted gems of the same crystal color and type are placed in wide surface skin contact on the body but at each end of the chakras. There is a passage of influence possibly much greater than just being worn as a crown or Astrogems arm bangle. But first lets refresh what this amazing discovery of quantum transcendence is.

Professor Amit Goswami, Ph.D., in "The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World" (Los Angeles: Tarcher, 1993).

"Until the present interpretation of the new physics, the word transcendence was seldom mentioned in the vocabulary of physics. The term was even considered heretical." However, he states, a 1982 experiment by a team of physicists in France has confirmed the idea of transcendence in quantum physics. The experiment, conducted by Alain Aspect and collaborators, proved that two quantum particles emitted from the same source remain inextricably correlated: When a change is made to one particle, instantaneously the other particle is affected similarly-even when separated by vast distances. Says Goswami: "When there is no signal in space-time to mediate their connection ... where, then, exists the instantaneous connection between correlated quantum objects that is responsible for their signal-less action at a distance? The succinct answer is: in the transcendent domain of reality.

"The field theories of modern physics force us to abandon the classical distinction between material particles and the void," writes Fritjof Capra in The Tao of Physics (Boston: Shambhala,). "Einstein's field theory of gravity and quantum field theory both show that particles cannot be separated from the space surrounding them. On the one hand, they determine the structure of that space, whilst on the other hand they cannot be regarded as isolated entities, but have to be seen as condensations of a continuous field which is present throughout space ....

"'The field exists always and everywhere,' says Austrian physicist W Thirring. 'It
can never be removed. It is the carrier of all material phenomena .... Being and fading of particles are merely forms of motion of the field.' "The distinction between matter and empty space finally had to be abandoned when

it became evident that virtual particles can come into being spontaneously out of the void, and vanish again into the void .... According to field theory, events of that kind happen aH the time. The vacuum is far from empty. On the contrary, it contains an unlimited number of particles which come into being and vanish without end ... .The 'physical vacuum'. .. contains the potentiality for all forms of the particle world. These forms, in turn, are not independent physical entities but merely transient manifestations of the underlying Void ... .The discovery of the dynamic quality of the vacuum is seen by many physicists as one of the most important findings of modem physics."

Paramahansa Yogananda wrote in his book The Divine Romance :

"In this age, man will make great headway in the electrical or electromagnetic field of science.

As Dwapara Yuga progresses , disease will be treated and healed more and more by rays. Vibratory energy can reach the electronic factors of the atoms , the building blocks of matter, where gross chemicals cannot penetrate."

Please consider several of the previously written subjects together with the relationship of gem crystals on the electrical body . Interacting with Resonance to planetary radiations. Transcendence between crystal based gems when worn on different locations of the electrical body. Supplementation or strengthening of waveform integration with the karmic vibratory patterns emanating from the chakras. When out of balance can often hold the root cause of a variety of physical illnesses, emotional disturbance, psychological imbalance and general unhappiness with life. If you can change and improve the electronic waveform signatures of the chakras you can avoid a lot of negative karmic tendencies.

Spiritual seekers around the world often go on spiritual pilgrimages to be uplifted. The places of pilgrimage often have such sweet and high vibrations of consciousness that the pilgrims leave greatly uplifted and changed. Is it not logical that spiritually uplifting vibrations can also be imbued by certain high vibration materials?

With I have been researching via testimonial feedback this fascinating science full time for the last 35 years.

Many inferential discoveries have been made by listening to my customers as I modify the gem and pure metal based instruments in response the commonalities of positive feedback.

Sadly if I go into great detail about many of the amazing discoveries I have made with eliminating depression, and improving health issues I can be sued by the medical authorities. I have seen others in unconventional healing fields be prosecuted in heavy-handed ways the moment they announce and inferential clams to healing. Sadly this in its self is a very unhealthy and closed environment for research.

Transcendence and Resonance can be amplified by placing identically colored quartz crystals or certain pure metals of large size on the body at opposite areas of the spine.

As explained by Yogananda and suspected by many health practitioners the spine or rather the chakras record trauma and other healthy and unhealthy vibratory events. These vibrations can at a later date with the amplitude of daily repetition create extreme diseases, discomfort or psychological issues. A small leak in the roof over time can do enormous damage and so inharmonious vibratory recordings can also amplify over time on a deeper level especially with lack of resilience during the advent of old age. In fact it is the slow grinding effect repetitively pulling our vitality down that most often catches up with us as we become elderly.

This perspective is touched upon in a letter from Yogananda to Rajarsi Janakananda in 1938 about the protective influence of a pure three metal bangle of pure gold, silver and copper.

"According to astrological laws, to do away with bad influences of planets there is nothing better than a bangle. Every two bodies of the universe attract. When this adhesive power of the body cells becomes lax with the advance of old age, the planetary pull becomes stronger, causing more laxity of the cells, inviting disease and mental disturbance. The bangle and its combinations of metals as fixed by the Rishis, emanate electrical rays unseen by human eyes which counteract all planetary vibrations. Just as a lightening rod is affixed to a house to absorb the falling thunder and lightening, so the bangle is a lightning rod to absorb the ferocity of bad planetary rays falling on the body. When disease attacks the body, or accidents are attracted by bad karma, or business troubles occur due to a weak body or disturbed nerves hence disturbed mind, the bangle will lessen the force of a physical or mental attack of karma.------- I write this only to emphasize the laws of atomic electronic vibrations which God created and the Rishis discovered to counteract the evil planetary influences on the human body."


In Yogananda's time the technology was not available for making the type of instruments Astrogems is able to make today. We have deeply studied not only Yogananda's and Swami Sri Yuktesars sage words, but have experimented in many different ways for over 36 years to follow a course of what actually works and does not.

Swami Sri Yuktesars

The world has a dearth of books on this subject via India and the west on crystal healing and to be frank. The authors often have a spectacular lack of repetitive observational experience to elect themselves as authorities. Consequently this spectacular science is still in its infancy awaiting large-scale double blind studies by reputable scientific methods.

As a healing modality the research has only just begun. But just as a fuse or breaker in an electrical circuit can modulate the balance of current and amplitude. Because human disease often manifests via an excess or lack of subtle vibratory electronic energy in the karmicly influenced body. It is only logical that it can be retuned with a bio-friendly subtle modulator of electro magnetic influence to facilitate homeostasis. The solution is to discover what approach and convenient instruments are the best suited for this endeavor. Deeply colored crystals and pure metals can have a beneficial and unusual influence when applied in the perfect way to the electronic body. Bio Kinesiology is one way to help discover this approach.

Of particular relevance for the most effective approach is:-

  1. Wide surface skin contact,
  2. Deep rainbow color toned faultless crystals
  3. Sufficient weights of pure noble metals.
  4. Correct location of placement with sometimes a meridian opposite location at the other side and end of the spine.
  5. Identical gems ideally from the same crystal to allow for resonance and quantum transcendence.


Many individuals at least once or twice may see parts of the aura of another person in their life. This experience will be all it takes to realize that our electrical body is also attuned to our spiritual body. An aura is merely a waveform (frequency) pattern expressed from our electrical and consciousness body. And both are very much reflective of our patterns of behavior and thinking. Just as the chakras store and distribute energy and information in a vibratory manner so our auras reflect that vibratory data in a colored electromagnetic astral manner that extends a few feet past the physical body. When the aura becomes darker with less rainbow like colors such as grey or brown. It is often the beginning of a period of illness, depression or lack of vitality. It is interesting to note that the rishi's of ancient India selected a rainbow of colored gemstones to strengthen a dull aura.

Every unnecessary desire, tendency, opinion and habit can delude and weaken our underlying spiritual identity and bring inharmony upon us. Because the aura is characterized by having different colors. Darker colors have become associated with darker thoughts and brighter more vibrant rainbow colors are considered to reflect strength of character and health. The intense heavily saturated colors of deeply colored quartz crystals have the ability to counteract dark colored thought patterns and transform darker colored concentrated auric colors from the electrical body.

Found in Matruvani volume 26 from the words of the great saint. Mata Amritananda Mayi also well known as Amma. "Our auras will change according to our actions. Bad actions - those that hurt others - will darken our aura and create obstacles to receiving divine grace. If we light a lamp inside a glass cage. The smoke will blacken the glass. Hence even if it is daylight, sunlight will not permeate inside. Likewise, even if there is light inside, it will not be seen outside. The case of the aura darkening as a result of bad actions is similar. It is an impediment to receiving grace. Even if we try, we might not see the results soon. Therefore, children, you should be careful to avoid doing actions that will block divine grace.

Troubles become more pronounced in individual lives during the planetary transitions of Saturn, Rahu and Mars. Business failures, marital troubles, familial discord, accidents occurring while traveling to see an ailing father or relative, a son dying before he receives news that his father has died, being punished for mistakes one has not committed - such problems plague a person during planetary transitions. "If the actions performed today are pure, the future will be favorable."

Crystal Structure

Gems, as intelligently grown crystal forms, share--by common design--unique, patterned symmetries in their atomic lattices that structure billions of atoms in geometric alignment. The precise structure adopted by atoms when they link to form a crystal depends upon which kinds of atoms are present at the time, which ones end up in the crystal structure, and the conditions (temperature, pressure, etc.) which control the way they link together.

crystal crystal

A sapphire gem of five carats (one gram of sapphire crystal) is made of 10,000 million million atoms of aluminum and oxygen which have linked together at high temperature to form a crystal structure in a threefold repeating pattern.

And we must remember that subatomic particles are never at rest.

Unlike the situation with most non-crystalline forms of matter, the unusual atomic alignment effectively allows for a greatly amplified flow of unencumbered and regulated homogenous frequency waves that can harmonize (resonate) and strengthen the correlative beneficial radiations that the planets shower upon the earth. Furthermore, energy is both patterned after, and reflects, a level of consciousness. And different levels of consciousness attract different qualities of uplifting or depressive thoughts.Gems are considered, by those who study Ayurveda, to have a particularly potent and stable resonance of energy (consciousness) due to an exceptionally free flow of energy from their geometrically aligned atoms. This resonant energy has either an obvious or subtle effect on the mind (consciousness), depending on the individual wearing the gems.


Every thought has a specific high or low resonantly beneficial vibration or not just as gems do. If an individual is wearing correctly applied well researched high quality ayurvedic gems touching his skin. They are introducing what is recognized as a higher recipe of vibrations that influence and strengthen the comfort zone of higher vibration thought processes. So many times over the last 35 years I have heard testimonials from clients who wear multigem bangles and who repeatedly say how their thought processes are being influenced and that their, inertia, worry , or fatique is diminished, while self control and mental stamina has improved and that their lifestyle has become more joyful and changed to adopting healthier practices.

Magnets are objects that produce magnetic fields and attract metals like iron, nickel and cobalt. The magnetic field's lines of force exit the magnet from its north pole and enter its south pole. The spinning of the electrons around the nucleus of an atom creates a tiny magnetic field. The electrons in most objects spin in random directions, and their magnetic forces cancel each other out. Magnets are different because the molecules in magnets are arranged with a north south polarity so that their electrons spin in the same direction.

Crystals are unique in that they are also geometrically aligned but so far science has not found a way to measure their unique form of magnetic energy. For the most part it seems only by wearing good quality large crystals can some individuals feel a significant shift in their wellbeing etc. Essentially the human is an instrument of measurement and sadly that measurement is not easy to put in a test tube for scientific scrutiny.

Sadly without a tangible energy field that can be measured using a scientific instrument. The theory of a crystal having an influential energy field beneficial the human condition will not be widely accepted by the scientific community. But lets look more deeply into why this could be ignoring a great opportunity for mental and physical well-being.


How modern science is catching up with ancient wisdom.

Although science is currently unable to justify investigation on the subject of the remedial influence of gems and metals, it is at least in agreement with the wisdom of ancient India on the source of all energy. Millenniums ago in India the rishis (fully illumed sages, authors of the Vedas and other Scriptures) explained that all forms of energy originate via the essence of light. In our times some theoretical physicists have describe light (electromagnetic waves radiating through space, governed by the laws of physics) as the medium which brings consciousness into form (matter). In 1983, Dr. David Bohm, a professor of physics at the University of London, spoke of matter as "frozen light." This seemingly radical statement is really just a slight extension of Einstein's famous theory of General Relativity, in which he showed that matter and electromagnetic radiation are just two different states of the same thing, the two being related by his famous equation E=mc2, which described how much energy (E) you get when you "melt" a given mass (m) of matter into electromagnetic energy, and, conversely, how much energy (or light) needs to be "frozen" to give a certain amount of matter. The two are related by the most important constant in the universe, the velocity of light (c)--(186,000 miles per second).

In order to better understand the atom, as a pre-requisite to understanding how larger objects like gems behave, it is useful to look at the parts of the atom. In examining a little bit of the internal "stuff" of the atom we can see how larger atomic composites, like gems, are not simply inert conglomerates of hard little "balls" but are, in fact, very "alive," active and full of energy.

It is outside the scope of this article to go into the characteristics of the many sub-atomic particles that have been discovered to exist within atoms. The spin factors, electrical charges, typical modes of decay, and the average lifetimes of photons, gravitons, and the numerous kinds of leptons, mesons, and baryons which are within the subatomic realm of wave and particle activity, express the dynamic pulse of micro-creation. But to gain respect for a small area of study of the atomic universe it is worthwhile to at least consider the electron. Electrons are one of the three primary particles the atom is made of. As they are not in the nucleus, but revolve around the outside of the atom, electrons do not require very much energy to "strip" them from the atom. Electrons have an almost negligible mass, compared to the protons and neutrons in the nucleus, but have a negative electrical charge exactly equal in magnitude to the positive charge of the proton. Electrons are viewed, in some conventional schools of scientific thought, as orbiting around the nucleus, much like planets orbit the sun, but it is not quite that simple. No one has ever "seen" or photographed an electron, not even with the most powerful microscope; its existence is inferred by observation of its effects, much like air (which also cannot be seen) can be inferred to exist by its effects, such as wind. In fact an electron is so infinitesimally small and moves at such an incredibly high speed that no one can even predict with any assurance where it is in its "orbit" at any moment. Its position or "orbit" around the nucleus of the atom should be more correctly likened to a thin, spherical "cloud" formation or "shell", in which it could be at almost any point, statistically, at any moment. Other scientists see it as more accurate to describe electrons as "standing waves"--in other words asenergy, and not as matter at all.

Such are just a few of the more recent discoveries of this will-o-the-wisp "entity" called the electron, which is nonetheless an essential part of the atom. To understand the relative sizes of the primary parts of the atom, imagine that the nucleus (a tight little "cluster" of one or more protons and neutrons) is proportional to the sun, then the first electron "orbit" would be even farther away than our outermost known planet, Pluto! This gives an accurate picture of the atom as being almost entirely empty space, but held together by a very powerful forces.

The strictly materialist thinker will prefer not to look at atoms, let alone gems, as forces of harmonic energy patterns (resonance) held together by electrical, vibratory intelligence (consciousness). Instead, he or she will prefer to compare the bonding of atoms to something as simple as Lego toys or structural velcro. But many highly regarded, objectively rigorous, quantum physicists are now exposing unusual characteristics of the atom's substructure that previously would have been considered untenable. Professor Amit Goswami's has this to say about sub-atomic particles in his bridge-building book, The Self- Aware Universe: "Today modern science is venturing into realms that for more than four millennia have been the fiefdoms of religion and philosophy. Until the present interpretation of the new physics, the word transcendence was seldom mentioned in the vocabulary of physics. The term was even considered heretical." Goswami further states that a 1982 experiment by a team of physicists in France confirmed the idea of transcendence in quantum physics. The experiment, conducted by Alain Aspect and collaborators, proved that two quantum particles emitted from the same source remain inextricably correlated: when a change is made to one particle, instantaneously the other particle is affected similarly--even when separated by vast distances.

Goswami says, "When there is no signal in space-time to mediate their connection…where, then, exists the instantaneous connection between correlated quantum objects that is responsible for their signal-less action at a distance? The succinct answer is: in the transcendent domain of reality…A consciousness that can collapse the wave function of a photon at a distance, instantly, must itself be non-local, or transcendent."Science, in its pursuit of trying to be understandable and useful to all interests, has locked itself into a system of bite-sized fields of study and measurement. The more limited our open mindedness to the spiritual reality of the "grand unifying theory" the less open we are to the inter-weaving or unifying aspect of creation. When is a measurement complete? It is actually a philosophical question, that is misconstrued in science by a practical need dependent on the goal of the inquirer— not necessarily on "the whole truth" itself. As the children of a materialistic, scientific culture we forget that consciousness is ever transcendent, not limited to finite manifestations; because it is everywhere, it appears nowhere. Hence, scientists say they alone will explain what measurements they can use to circumscribe gems (or any other objects), and from the point of view of gemology this process of identification is important. But the questions go so much further than this: what are the potential transcendental qualities of these atom-structured units and how do they come about? The now scientifically established wave-particle dual nature of matter ("wavicles") has been a hard pill for the rigidly materialist thinker to swallow. For the staunch proponent of "solid", reliably "constant" matter, it seems impossible that something can be known and defined alternately as a particle--a discrete, irreducible entity occupying a finite (albeit a very tiny) portion of space—and as a wave, which can be spread out over a comparatively large and indefinable region of space,and which is neither discrete nor an "entity" as such. (In fact, "wavelike" is a description most commonly applied to energy, not matter.) And yet, this dualistic nature of matter is exactly what current scientific findings are forcing us all to accept, unsettling and paradoxical though it may be.

Fritjof Capra, in The Turning Point, writes, "The situation seemed hopelessly paradoxical until it was realized that the terms 'particle' and 'wave' refer to classical concepts which are not fully adequate to describe atomic phenomena. An electron is neither a particle nor a wave, but it may show particle-like aspects in some situations and wave-like aspects in others. While it acts like a particle, it is capable of developing its wave nature at the expense of its particle nature, and vice versa, thus undergoing continual transformations from particle to wave and from wave to particle. This means that neither the electron nor any other atomic 'object' has any intrinsic properties independent of its environment. The properties it shows--particle-like or wave-like--will depend on the experimental situation, that is, on the apparatus it is forced to interact with."

More than a few well-respected physicists are now publicly asserting that the atom is not inert matter but is rather energy with incessant vibratory motion, and that this atomic energy might better be crudely described as "mind stuff"--because at the subatomic level it is continuously appearing and disappearing in a way we do not yet understand. One of the greatest hypnotic illusions of creation is that matter is solid, tangible and constant. In their fundamental essences all "solid" objects are, in fact, just light (electromagnetic energy) in there slowed down or "condensed" rates of vibration.

From the above quotes from scientists, it is clear that the atom, as matter, has a vibratory (wave) nature as well as a particle nature, and that there is even a telepathic-like resonance between atoms which seemingly annihilates space and time.

Magneto reception

Over the years the only reason frequency bangles have continued to be sold is that enough individuals who have worn the frequency bangles have noticed a significant difference in their well being. While at the same time about 30% have returned them declaring that they did not feel a difference. I liken this to the fact that Some People's Brains Can Sense Earth's Magnetic Field while many cannot.

There's a pretty long catalogue of animals that appear to possess magneto reception, or the ability to detect Earth's magnetic fields, including pigeons, dogs, trout, bees, turtles and salamanders. But only about 33% of humans under special testing facilities can feel Magneto reception . From the Smithsonian magazine

The experimenters recorded dips in the amplitude of alpha brain waves in a third of the participants. The dips were most pronounced with a 25 percent change in amplitude when the magnetic field in front of the subject was pointed north and swung from the northeast to northwest in a counterclockwise motion. People did not seem to respond to magnetic fields pointed to the south. Weeks later, four participants were retested with the same results. It is interesting to note that the Yogis of India recommend sleeping with our heads pointed east to harmonize the electrical currents of the body with the solar wind.

Dvorsky reports that typically, alpha brain waves are usually produced by neurons when they aren't processing any sensory information. The brain waves tend to decrease when some sort of stimulus is introduced. So the drop in alpha waves is an indication that the brain may be processing some sort of information from the magnetic fields.

Magneto reception expert Peter Hore from the University of Oxford who studies navigation in birds, tells Maria Temming at Science News that the results seem plausible. But they need replication, including a similar experiment in the Southern Hemisphere before he'll be completely convinced.

"It's kind of intriguing to think that we have a sense of which we're not consciously aware,"

Kirschvink, for one, does think the data is the first sign of magneto reception. "Aristotle described the five basic senses as including vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch," he says in a press release. "However, he did not consider gravity, temperature, pain, balance, and several other internal stimuli that we now know are part of the human nervous system. Our animal ancestry argues that geomagnetic field sensors should also be there representing not the sixth sense but perhaps the 10th or 11th human sense to be discovered."

Sadly so far as I am aware no double blind studies have been done to analyze the alpha waves of individuals wearing large-scale Ayurveda crystal based bangles of the type our research indicates are effective. If identical bangles were made with colored glass and some with genuine colored quartz crystals . This would be an interesting analysis.

Inductive and Capacitive Reactance

When a large quartz frequency based bangle that also has large areas of pure copper and pure silver is worn fully touching the skin on all four limbs (or less) of the electrical human body. It is probable that the inhibitive effect on change in current flow results in a delay, supplement or a (waveform or frequency) phase shift,


Faraday's law of induction states that when the magnetic flux through a closed conducting loop changes in time, an emf is induced in that loop: Since the loop is conducting, it has some resistance RR, and the emf induces a current according to Ohm's law:

Inductive reactance is a property exhibited by an inductor, and inductive reactance exists based on the fact that an electric current produces a magnetic field around it. In the context of an AC or DC circuit (although this concept applies any time current is changing), this magnetic field is constantly changing as a result of current that oscillates back and forth.

If one follows the theory that some disease is a condition of an excess or lack of electrical energy or incorrect frequency then this could be another reason why a healing direction could occur. However such diseases would not be in ac current but in DC based picofarads similar to the human electrical output.

In electric power systems, inductive reactance (and capacitive reactance, however inductive reactance is more common) can limit the power capacity of an AC transmission line, because power is not completely transferred when voltage and current are out-of-phase (detailed above). That is, current will flow for an out-of-phase system

silver and copper spring bracelet

When you have pure metals and large quartz crystals touching the body the inductive and capacitive reactance on a human circuit is not powerful enough to be measured in ohms, while the angular frequency is measured in Hz. The total reactance is capacitive.

Wavelength and frequency determine another important characteristic of electromagnetic fields: Electromagnetic waves are carried by particles called quanta.

Biomagnetism is the phenomenon where magnetic fields are produced by the living things, especially by the human body; (different from magnetic fields applied to the body, called magnetobiology). The body's magnetic fields are very weak, and are measured with the sensitive detector called a SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device), usually in a magnetically shielded room, which excludes most external disturbances. There are about 160 laboratories around the world where fields from various parts of the body are measured; most measure the magnetic field from the brain, called the magnetoencephalogram, or MEG. The MEG shows complementary information to the electroencephalogram (EEG), and is producing valuable new information about the normal human brain. Natural ion currents in the body from muscles and nerves. (Heart, brain etc.) One-day instruments similar to the items Astrogems make will be tested. I look forward to this day. But after 37 years I am not holding my breath.

Body Capacitance

Body capacitance is the physical property of the human body that has it act as a capacitor. Like any other electrically conductive object, a human body can store electric charge if insulated. Which is why grounding with bare feet on the earth is such an important health practice. The actual amount of capacitance varies with the surroundings; it would be low when standing on top of a pole with nothing nearby, but high when leaning against an insulated, but grounded large metal surface, such as a household refrigerator, or a metal wall in a factory. It is my observation that many of the same benefits derived from grounding can also occur with pure noble metals when worn touching the skin such as pure copper, gold and silver.

The definition of a noble metal is most strict. It requires that the d-bands of the electronic structure be filled. From this perspective, only copper, silver and gold are noble metals, as all d-like bands are filled and do not cross the Fermi level. Perhaps this is the reason my experiments with many metals has lead me to respect these three above all others. I have had them made as necklace chains, armbands, bracelets and anklets with interesting results.

about silver copper and gold

(Of interest was when I wore as many metals individually over a six month period. It was the metals that can be found in the blood that seemed to be strengthening or neutral and not negative in influence. For example, copper, iron , magnesium , gold , and zinc are all in the bloodstream and were found to be interestingly influential.)

copper spring bangle

Synthetic fabrics and friction can charge a human body to about 3 kV. Long-term low potentials are also believed to have notable effect, Electronics factories are very careful to prevent people from becoming charged up. A whole branch of the electronics industry deals with preventing static charge build-up and protecting products (not people!!) against electrostatic discharge.

Notably, a combination of footwear with some sole materials, low humidity, and a dry carpet (synthetic fiber in particular) can cause footsteps to charge a person's body capacitance to as much as a few tens of kilovolts with respect to the earth. The human and surroundings then constitute a highly charged capacitor. A close approach to any conductive object connected to earth (ground) can create a shock, even a visible spark.

Body capacitance was a significant nuisance when tuning the earliest radios; touching a tuning knob would couple the body capacitance into the tuning circuit, slightly changing its resonant frequency.

Capacitance of a human body in normal surroundings is typically in the tens to low hundreds of picofarads, which is small by typical electronic standards. While humans are much larger than typical electronic components, they are also mostly separated by significant distance from other conductive objects. Although the occasional static shock can be startling and even unpleasant, the amount of stored energy is relatively low, and there is quite a lot of disagreement between observers to the level of harm or not this influence can do to the body and wellbeing especially with regard to long periods. The Human Body Model for capacitance, as defined by the Electrostatic Discharge Association (ESDA) is a 100pF capacitor in series with a 1.5kΩ resistor

A touch-sensitive lamp is one that is activated by human touch rather than a flip, pushbutton, or other mechanical switch. These lamps are popular as desk and nightstand lamps and act on the principle of body capacitance.

However what the body capacitance does not explain is the waveform pattern (auric) of the electrical field. Again at we believe this is the most important measure of wellbeing, and that we believe our instruments are designed to balance, supplement and strengthen this signature.

Capacitance of a human body in many forms can create EMF sensitivity and sensitivities to many of the different forms of electronic smog. I have had spectacular results with individuals who have deeply suffered extreme EMF sensitivity.

lady wearing the bangle2 lady wearing the bangle

Preceding this paragraph are many interesting potential proven scientific theories that could or do not have a relationship to how specific crystal or metal based instruments can benefit the healing balance.

This article has been written to encourage further investigation and research. I would not have been written it, if many interesting inferential observations had not been made over the years. I would say though that the greatest feedback I have received over the years has been in the personality or psychological changes the wearers have been happy to experience. It seems crystals and metals have more influence over the psychological than the physical. Depression, insomnia, improved cognition, EMF sensitivity, are just a few of the successful examples.

Recently it has been my privilege to research much larger scale wearing of crystals and metals for more severe physical health challenges. So far this approach has been gaining some encouraging results. Physical issues seem to quantativly require far more crystal and pure metal placement than most are ready to investigate due to the cost high quality faultless crystal bangles. Which has been a significant hindrance to the investigative process.

Extreme physical challenges often require all the limbs to be used for permanent wearing of the metal and crystal based jewelry like instruments and not just the neck and arms.

However often the client will remove some of them at night as they often report that the added energy transfer can be too powerful for restful sleep. This is just another form of evidence on how gems and metals can boost or alter the bodies functioning.

Instruments that I most commonly use on willing participants have been the following : -

Very large and small quartz based frequency bangles
Pure silver necklaces, bracelets and anklets. (not sterling silver!!)
Pure copper necklaces, bracelets and anklets
Combination necklaces, bracelets and anklets with pure copper and silver in them
Pure gold, silver and copper wire bracelets.
Pure gold jewelry or 22 karat gold jewelry best worn as necklaces.
White coral necklaces and bracelets.
Red Coral Necklaces and bracelets
Iron Chains and bracelets.
Rudraksha Mala's
Multi-colored crystal necklace mala's.

silver-metal giant-frequenby-bangle

My analysis of what I try to apply for the best results is based on the three doshas the person is expressing via the Ayurvedic analysis of Pitta, Vata and Kapha types. As well as a scrutiny of the person's Vedic horoscope. However nothing is more informative than strategic questions and answers to the individual's own observations.

And on a final note. Krishna, Buddha and Jesus have all indicated the power of karma.

For millenniums the great rishi's from India have pointedly warned that our lives are governed by the effects of past actions (karma), and that they are subject to universal laws administered by higher (electromagnetic) forces. However by clever adjustment on the vibratory level we can avoid certain returns of negative karma. Grace to mitigate negative karma is attracted by making sincere selfless spiritual effort in our life. Other mitigation methods include, studying and integrating the advice from a genuine saint of any proven path. Learning to control the mind with effective scientifically respected meditation techniques, sincere prayer, will power with correct discrimination, judicious fasting, pujas, and of course the one method that requires the least effort of all, which is wearing ayurvedic gems and metals that can improve the electromagnetic karmic signature of a person while they are in the body.

Thank you for your interest…..

Nick Hodgson

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