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Navaratnas, ayurvedic astrological gemstone jewelryOver 30 years ago, I made myself a nine-gem bangle (nava-ratna) following the prescriptions laid down in the sacred Vedic texts concerning how to make a gem talisman to mitigate and nullify the negative effects of past actions (bad karma). I had to make it myself because, though I phoned high and low, no one at that time could make one for me. My interest in getting one was amplified by the little known fact that the great teacher Swami Sri Yukteswar wore one, as well as did his leading disciple, Paramahansa Yogananda. The numerous references to gems in the Autobiography of a Yogi, published by Self-Realization Fellowship also aided my pursuit. To make a long story short, I noticed immediate beneficial changes in my life. My friends noticed the changes too, and were curious about what I had done to create those changes. I told them about the bangle and they wanted to know if they would benefit by wearing one as well. So naturally, I decided to lend mine out so they could discover that my explanations were not a product of my imagination. Needless to say, they expressed a definite desire to get one, and asked me to help them get it made.

Well, several bangles later, and a tremendous number of surprises as to how noticeably these instruments help people with their spiritual, physical and mental lives, I was led to a situation where I was simply unable to keep doing these huge time-consuming favors for free. I did however continue to have a strong desire to make my discoveries more public and available to interested people. Years have now gone by and the gentle learning curve has continued to excite me with all the feedback I have been getting from friends who have purchased astrological jewelry from me.

Over the years Astrogems has been responsible for making over 2500 customized nine gem or multi-gem bangles to happy customers. It has been a great privilege to help people this way and we have constantly tried to make them as affordable as possible. Our philosophy is that we will not get rich by overcharging for gemstones as the average customer is vulnerable to the rare science of gem valuation. But if we do our business with a sincere desire to facilitate truth seekers in a non greedy manner then our happiness and wealth will be accorded by helping others improve their karmic disposition. It has been a wonderful and enriching journey meeting all sorts of sincere truth seekers and we feel deeply honored to be involved in this field.

I often visit different gem mining areas around the world that offer the best prices for natural unenhanced ayurvedic astrological gemstones. This video discusses some of the procedures hunting for the the appropriate gem crystals while in Sri Lanka.

Astrogems makes healing gemstone bracelets and can create custom designs

What the Yoga Masters and Other Saints have said about the benefits of Gemstones touching the skin.

Quote by Paramahansa Yogananda on the benefits of jewels

paramahansa yogananda meditating and wearing astrological bangles paramahansa yogananda wearing astrological bangles yogananda wearing a navaratna and bangle

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Ayurvedic Astrological Jewelry: Improving one's Karma with the use of Gems, Metals, Crystal Talismans and Amulets

This book has over 200 pages of information, scientific perspectives. and stories about the power of gems, crystals, pure silver,copper and gold with testimonials and historical background all in the light of Eastern astrological science. A unique collection of esoteric knowledge about the spiritual aspects and healing qualities of this rare type of jewelry, including related text spoken by spiritual masters about this intriguing subject. It is very rare to find a book dedicated to the art of mitigating or nullifying negative karma by using passive instruments such as a navaratna.

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