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Secondary Gems

The Affordable Nine Gem Bangle

crystal healing bangle silver
Secondary gem bangle set in silver
This bangle was designed for those who don't have the finances to purchase a Navaratna Bangle, but would like to experience the benefits of wearing nine planetary gemstones. As with the Navaratna Necklace, the bangle is made with a combination of primary and secondary planetary gems. The bangle is generally constructed in pure silver and the gems are set so that they touch the skin.

crystal healing bangle silver

The nine planetary gems of the secondary gem bangle

The stones on the secondary gem bangle are as follows: hessonite garnet, blue iolite, peridot, freshwater pearl, red coral, silver quartz catseye, almandine, citrine and white topaz. Blue Iolite is associated with the Saturn influence. This gem is often offered by less educated gem sellers as blue sapphire because of its very similar appearance. Almandine garnet in the place of ruby. It has a deep pigeon blood red color, and is a thousandth the cost of natural ruby with the same color and clarity. White topaz is the Venus substitute for the diamond. This is the hardest clear material offered in beads of over two carats I could find, and it is much harder than quartz. Peridot is the substitute for green emerald. Most emerald is oil treated to hide the multi-fractured nature of this lower grade bead material. Peridot is a great crystal. Though it is more expensive than other beads as a substitute, it is much more clean to the eye. Citrine is the substitute for the yellow sapphire gem. Silver quartz catseye replaces the chrysoberyl catseye. Freshwater pearl, red coral, and hessonite garnet are used in the secondary gem bangle for Moon, Mars, and Rahu influences respectively, the same as in the primary gem bangle.

In addition to the gem settings, this bangle is fitted with my patented spring links that expand and contract when you flex your arm.

spring links natural healing bangle contracted spring links natural healing bangle expanded
Contracted Expanded

The bangle is designed to be worn anywhere on the arm, as a bracelet, above the elbow or in the traditional bangle style, around the upper arm. If ordering the bangle over the Internet, please email us with your arm size. Try to get the measurement within a 1/4 inch.

The secondary gem bangle is unavailable at this time.  We apologize for the inconvenience.    

The Nine Gem Anklet

alternative healing bracelet
The nine gem anklet in silver

The nine gem anklet is like the secondary gem bangle, in that it uses the same gems, but is designed to be worn around the ankle. The anklet comes with an adjustable chain, so that the size may be modified by the wearer accordingly.

The secondary gem anklet is unavailable at this time.  We apologize for the inconvenience.



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