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Navaratna Bangle Designs

We are pleased to announce our Navaratnas are now also available in India. For more details, please contact us.

The Cloud Bangle Design

The Cloud Design, worn mostly by women, has a narrower spring band. Because of difficulty in setting gems in these blanks, the setting charge is $15 more than the Standard Design. There are sometimes constraints in gem size due to the narrower links. One may not notice looking at this picture, that each blank is a slightly different size, so that the gems will fit aesthetically.  We have nine different sized links for various gem sizes. The spring link is 1/2 an inch in width.

Cloud design Navaratna in silver
cloud style bangle
Cloud design Navaratna in gold
Navaratna arm bangle
cloud design bangle
Gold nine gem bangle
Cloud Design Bangles

standard design banner

This is our most popular design. For the first few years, it was the only design we offered, but then some of our female clients asked us to come up with a more slender, artistic looking design. As with all of our Ayurvedic Jewelry, the gems are set so that they touch the skin.

Standard design Navaratna in silver
Standard design nine-gem bangle in silver
Standard silver bangle with four gold spring links
Silver standard design bangle
navaratna with double rows of spring links navaratna two parallel rows

Navaratna with gold plates in the same weight as in the astrological three metal bangle recommended by Swami Sri Yukteswar
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starter bangle banner

standard design bangle starter bangle
bezel bracelet starter bangle
doing yoga wearing bangle
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chakra design bangle

chakra design crystal healing bangle
Chakra Navaratna Design with silver with gold covers

The bangle can also be worn as a bracelet when using only seven gems. The design incorporates saving expense on the 22kt gold by having the gems set in solid silver blanks before the gold chakra cover is soldered into position.

Each link represents the chakra for that particular gem and they are placed in their natural order. The design is unique to Ayurvedic Astrological Jewelry and has taken a long time to develop. It is designed to be ergonomically comfortable and built to withstand a lifetime of normal wear and tear!

Some clients are very particular about the cosmetic appeal of jewelry and thus this design may cater to them. However from a perspective of potency I am afraid this design is  unable to accommodate some of the larger stones due to the proportions of the setting blanks.We only commission this design for clients who purchase seven or nine gems. All  the work is done at our office workshop.

It generally takes about three weeks from purchase of the gems to receive the completed piece.

pearl under anahata chakra pearl under anahata chakra


A close up of the pearl seated under the Anahata Chakra.

chakra design navaratna


Pictured here from right to left are the gold overplates patterned after the symbols for the Sahasrara,Ajna, Vishuddi, Anahata,Manipura,Svadisthanaand Muladhara chakras.

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the bezel bracelet design

chakra design crystal healing bangle
Bezel V Navaratna Design
This bracelet , anklet or upper arm bangle is called this because the gold around the gem is all thickened bezel and the extender arms are V shaped . The sideways V extenders are shortened or lengthened depending on the length and design requested.

Can be custom sized with spring links or made with an S bend clasp on large gold or silver chain links.
This design can be made in Silver or 14 carat gold. With the more delicate designs like the Bezel V it is recommended to use 14 karat gold for long term durability.
chakra design crystal healing bangle
Bezel Navaratna Design
chakra design crystal healing bangle
multi gem anklet navaratna
chakra design crystal healing bangle
Chakra Navaratna Design

Bezel set anklet or upper arm design bangle.Because the gems are bezel set in a length wise position this design is too long for the radius of the wrist and can not be worn as a bracelet. As the radius of many ladies wrists are often less than 7 inches . And so it can only be an anklet or made to fit just above the elbow. This is because such a design is always over 8 inches long.

This is the top view of the Bezel Anklet or Above Elbow Arm Bangle. It has no spring links to keep it in position on the arm so it can only be worn above the elbow or on the ankle. This similar design can be made to fit on the wrist, if the client chooses to use smaller stones or use less planetary gems.


This is the underside of the Bezel Anklet or Above The Elbow Bangle design.
One can observe how the gems are fully open in the back  and easily able to have extensive skin contact.


Another close up view of the Bezel Anklet or Above Elbow Bangle design.


When the gemstones are set in a way with the width of the gemstone going along the length of the arm then it can be made short enough to fit as a wrist bracelet.
The distance from end to end is much less and can accommodate a 6 inch wrist.

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the constellation design bangle
closeup of crystal healing chakra design bangle
closeup of crystal healing chakra design bangle
2 Metal Bangle

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the classical design bangle
Astral Talisman Classical Design Navaratna
Many Gem Bracelet Classical Design Navaratna
The Classical Navaratna Design was created to give the same astrological benefits given by all of our navaratnas while having the aesthetic quality
of classical Italian art.
The appearance of the Classical Design may differ slightly depending on the gemstones you select. Contact us if you would like to create a custom design.



celtic covered design astrological jewelry

celtic design astrological bracelet or bangle


9 gem bangle in a beautiful celtic style design          navaratna, 9 gem bangle in a celtic knotwork design

The Celtic Design can be made as either a bracelet or bangle.

expandable spring links
crystal healing spring links expanded
crystal healing spring links contracted

Most of our bangle designs use these expandable spring links to ensure comfort. As you can see from the two photos above, the spring loaded links expand so that when you flex your arm, the bangle expands with it. Wearing the bangle just above the biceps is comfortable, convenient, and promotes the bangles' function.

Roger Hodgson displaying crystal healing bangleRoger Hodgson displaying crystal healing bangle
My brother Roger's standard design in gold. After many years of use, still as comfy as ever. Please notice how the bangle is best situated between the biceps and deltoid.

Paramahansa Yogananda quote on the astrological benefit of jewels

The Navaratna Bracelet

Navaratna Bracelet Standard DesignNavaratna Bracelet Standard Design
Navaratna Bracelet Standard DesignNavaratna Bracelet Standard Design

The Covered Design

open lotus covered cloud design bangle Bangle design
Bangle design
Covered Bangle Design

Om Close Up
Close Up of the "Om" Spring Link Design

Bangle Design
Standard Bangle
The Bangle Expands When Your Arm Flexes.
Bangle Design
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renaissance style navaratna

the frequency bangle

Over the 26 years we have been making ayurvedic astrological bangles, we have done extensive experimental research and analysis. There exists so much non-empirical supposition and hearsay concerning the benefits of gemstones that, in order to clear away the fog, we constantly listen to our clients feedback and keep a tab on response trends. This large gemstone bangle is the result of much of our exciting research and is aptly called the meditation bangle. Eventually we hope to have bangles specifically for depression and other psychological challenges. But for the time being we're happy to introduce the meditation bangle on account of its ability to increase one's mental clarity while engaged in meditation techniques. It is not a bangle meant to replace the traditional and time-tested astrological navaratna bangle, but acts as incredible supplement to it. To read more on this bangle go to

Meditation Bangle Sizes
The Large Rectangular Bangle
Meditation Bangle Design
Large  Frequency Bangle
Meditation Bangle Design
Medium  Frequency Bangle
Meditation Bangle Design
Rectangular  Frequency Bangle
Covered Om Small Frequency Bangle
Covered Om Small Frequency Bangle
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What the Yoga Masters and Other Saints have said about the benefits of Gemstones touching the skin.

So many individuals purchase astrological gems and discover they feel nothing.

This video gives a detailed explanation on why purchasing gems for Navaratna is a very tricky process in a world of enhanced gemstones. I briefly discusses some of the many pitfalls the uneducated buyer is very likely to experience. By using an example of a broken and poorly made bangle that came to astrogems to be re-built and changed into an effective bangle.. Nick goes through gem by gem explaining the mistakes his well intentioned client made.

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