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I have a wonderful Guru and do fantastic meditation pranayama techniques Why would i benefit from a bangle?

Over the years because i have received so much positive testimonial feedback from extremely happy customers, i have extolled the nine gem bangle as being a great way to lessen negative karma. I have constantly heard the loyal and loving refrain that " Well i have kriya or Master to protect me so i don't need a bangle etc etc " So i would like to clarify that like yoga and meditation, this is a science and is not based on faith or belief. I have composed this collage of these great Yoga Masters to show that much much greater minds than mine also chose to wear the nine gem bangle quite possibly because they saw it as a way to be able to do more good in the world, The navaratna is widely considered to be the most potent wave form influencing talisman available for passively mitigating or nullifying negative karma.

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