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How do I add or remove links in the Bangle?

You’ll need a strong, sharp-pointed tool such as a pick or a geometry compass, and angled pliers (Fig. 1). The point of the pick tool must be small enough to fit into the gap in the metal flange (Fig. 2).

As you push the pick down into the gap, it will force the flange open (Fig. 3). When the flange is opened enough, you can uncouple the adjacent link. You can use the pick to urge the link out of the opening (Fig. 4). In this way you can add or remove a spacer link, or swap a gem link for a spacer link, etc.

To re-connect the links, crimp the flange into a closed loop with small pliers (Fig. 5). You may wish to use a piece of paper or cardstock between the pliers and the link to avoid scratching.

Sometimes it's helpful to half close the loop with a vise before crimping it. Set the link horizontally in the vise and carefully apply pressure to push the loop toward a closed position (Fig. 6) and then finish with the pliers.

If you only want to add a small spacer, it's easiest to attach it between the spring links and the last gem link (usually the cat's eye). The spring link can be detached without tools, and you only need the pliers to crimp the loop of the spacer closed (Figs 7 & 8).
Of Course many people send the bangle back for alterations and we are happy to do this also.

Before sending the bangle back please always inform Nick Hodgson by email at [email protected] or phone 760 509 5091. If you have a repair and are a resident of India please feel welcome to contact Chirag Kulkarni of our India Office. at [email protected] or call him at 7678085090 He can also be contacted via our instagram page at askastrogems This video may also assist in understanding how to add a spring to a spring link.

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