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Paramahansa Yogananda quote on the astrological benefits of jewels

Why do people wear astrological gemstones?

Astrology is essentially a study of man's receptivity to planetary influences that will affect him for good or ill. The horoscope is a map outlining a person's strong or weak receptivity to the harmful or beneficial radiation's due to the different planetary placements throughout his or her life. It is important for people to overcome the common misconception that the planets directly project malefic or beneficial influences. It is rather our karmic receptivity to the electromagnetic radiation that the planets stimulate. Many astrologers don't explain this mechanism of karmic accountability clearly in their astrological explanations.

The ancient rishis of India discovered through their own "super-conscious experience" that Creation could be explained by the study of light and its more condensed manifestations, such as matter; in essence, they agreed with the biblical symbolism in Genesis. It is only in recent times that the rishis' views of seeing everything as consciousness is being discovered in Western quantum theory and wave mechanics* over five thousand years later.

The seeming separation between these different forms of vibratory manifestation (matter and light) can be bridged and rearranged to man's benefit using a variety of methods guided by the hand of wisdom. They were the first to suggest introducing remedial agents into a person's electromagnetic field to counteract a wide host of inconvenient situations, weaknesses in personality and character, and obviously a whole host of other karmic possibilities. The rishis understood that gems, particularly of the required weight and purity, are a potent electromagnetic aid and instrument for strengthening our constantly changing, electromagnetic-karmic signature.

Gems are one of the most effective of these bridges, primarily because they work on the principle of electromagnetic radiation transfer, the means by which we absorb cosmic energy and they don't wear out with time.

Jesus testified that "man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God" (Matthew 4:4). Paramahansa Yogananda explains on page 572 of his classic Bhagavad Gita interpretation, "God Talks With Arjuna" (published by Self-Realization Fellowship)

"That man's body does not depend only on external sources of life force-distillations from breath, oxygen, sunshine, solids and liquids-but also on a direct inner source of cosmic life that enters the body through the medulla, flowing then to the subtle centers in the brain and spine. In man, the medulla is spoken of as "the mouth of God" because it is the chief opening for the divine influx of cosmic vibratory life force, the "word" that then flows "out of the mouth of God" (the medulla) to the reservoir of life energy in the brain and the distributing centers in the spine."

There are many kinds of cosmic energy flowing in the ether. Just as we need the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals for the proper maintenance of the body, so we also need the whole rainbow of beneficial vibratory radiations that are available. Ayurvedic gems work to enhance or supplement this rainbow of radiations. A person's receptivity to the needed planetary "nutrition" (radiating cosmic frequencies in the ether) is often deficient-condition commonly amplified with old age, physical or mental stress, and disease. The natural response of such "nutritionally deficient" people is to behave and think in a way similar to the correct interpretation of their horoscope as well as to attract situations-often very painful-that the planetary placements indicate. In order to improve the situations, the most powerful method-that requires the least effort and is complimentary to other remedial measures that lessen or nullify this weakness in absorbing the full spectrum of cosmic energy-is the transferring of beneficial electromagnetic radiation's from specific gems to the body, by wearing them in firm contact with the skin.

The beneficial effect of gems can be felt dramatically by some, and not at all by others. There has been a great deal written about their efficacy as a propitiatory karmic instrument. But because of my experimental research, as well as years of customer experience and feedback, I am not in agreement with a lot of the claims being made. Many have been misleading, exaggerated, or arrived at unscientifically; while many others bear true testimony to experience. And that experience, in all cases positive, is that the wearer either feels (or knows!) that the gems in the bangle help to strengthen him/her in the karmic battle of life. Such benefits, in essence, are why people wear gemstones.

*One form of quantum physics is wave mechanics. It originated in the suggestion that light consists of corpuscles as well as waves and the consequent suggestion that all elementary particles are associated with waves. Wave mechanics is based on the Schrodinger Wave Equation describing the wave properties of matter. It relates the energy of a system to a wave function, and in general it is found that the system (such as an atom or molecule) can only have certain allowed wave functions (eigenfunctions) and certain allowed energies (eigenvalues). These functions and energies are part of the electromagnetic radiation table.

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