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Will I feel the difference when I put on the bangle?

Most people do, some don't. It will depend on your sensitivity. If the majority of people didn't, I'm sure I would not still be in business. I certainly felt the difference, and many clients say it is extraordinary how much the bangle does for them. I noticed a definite boost in my concentration and vitality. And I took on much less stress from pressures and irritations of life. The responses I have received cover such a wide spectrum of experience. Since it is difficult to briefly pass on the endorsements, I recommend you read my Testimonials page.

Just as copper is reputed to lessen the pain and tendency for arthritis, so the nine different Ayurvedic gems counteract a far greater range of mental, physical, environmental and spiritual adversities. I take a great interest in my feedback and have gleaned a unique fund of experience to go by when I advise gem selection


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