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Do you provide a "starter bangle", so that I can add more gems later, as I can afford them? And would a "starter bangle" include a time payment plan?

A "starter bangle" is a concept where the client acquires only as many gems in a bangle as she or he can afford at the time of initial purchase. Sometimes I will finance the purchase of a few of the more expensive gems (such as the Diamond, Yellow Sapphire and Catseye) in order to reduce the trouble of having the bangle returned so often for each new added gem on a pay-as-you-go basis. I am reluctant to do loans on just two or three of the less expensive gems, if that is all the initial starter bangle consists of. I would much prefer seeing the client initially get at least four, five or even six gems on the starter bangle, as this provides a reasonably financable sum. And, ideally, the client should have at least five or six gems to begin to feel the real synergistic power of the bangle. Naturally, the best first step is to get a remedial gem analysis done by a capable Vedic astrologer, in order to find out the client's most needed gems.

I know of several Vedic astrologers that I have no financial arrangements with (i.e., no commissions or other forms of kickback). The astrologer is paid twenty dollars for the gem analysis, which comprises a full-page report recommending the gems in the order of their helpfulness to you and advising how each one would benefit you in relationship to the unique characteristics of your horoscope. This money can be sent to me with the time, date and place of birth, with a contact address and phone number, and I will arrange to fax or send the page to you and also keep it on file for future reference.

If your are fortunate (as determined by your gem analysis), the less expensive gems will be the ones that can help you the most. The least expensive gems are the Pearl, the Red Coral, the unfaceted lab-grown Ruby crystal, the tumble-polished Hessonite Garnet and the lab-grown Emerald (see "Cost of Gems" on this website for respective prices). Other less expensive stones are the "substitutes", such as the white topaz ($6 per carat) in the place of a Diamond and the amethyst instead of Blue Sapphire. I have most of the gem varieties in uncut crystal-form which, though a lot less cosmetically appealing, many people seem to enjoy wearing very much for the considerably reduced expense (see Costs of Gems page).

Each spring link costs $18 per link. And we also put in spacer, "OM" links (which cost 7$ each) as "place-holders", for the yet-to-be-filled later gems, to reduce the number of spring links needed and, thus, keep the initial cost down. For the maximum degree of comfort each bangle should have from four to eight spring links, depending on the arm size.

Overall, a starter bangle can be purchased starting at about $500, using three of the least expensive gems. The price would naturally be higher if starting with more gems, or if they are more expensive gems (i.e., higher cost per unit weight). We prefer not to spend too much time on paperwork, packing and shipping and, thus, encourage the client to purchase at least three hundred dollars worth of gem(s) at each stage of development toward completing the nine-gem bangle. We also provide the much needed service of buying back any initial gem(s) at full, original price as a "trade up" to better quality gems of a similar type, whenever the client wishes. However, this is done at our convenience and discretion and generally it is better if you can arrange to visit the showroom for such exchanges. For long distance transactions of this kind, postage and packing is always charged, and no responsibility is taken if a package is sent without any arrangement or prior notice.

Even with starter bangles, a ten-day return, full purchase refund policy is activated at the time.

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