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Should I wear the stones all the time?

With individual stones, some astrologers say you should take off that particular stone at the end of the dasha that it's representing-the planetary period where that particular planet is the most influential. I feel that such advice is an economic betrayal of the reason for spending so much money on the stone. I advise my clients never to take off the navaratna except when essential.

Generally, I don't advise my clients to take the bangle off because noble metals shouldn't trigger an airport censor, nor should the gems. You shouldn't take the navaratna off when you are having a shower. It helps to keep it clean. If you swim a lot in a heavily chlorinated swimming pool it is true that the pearl can lose it's luster and be damaged by excessive chlorine. This discoloration will take a few months of swimming pool dipping , so there is no immediate necessity in taking it off.

For reasons of concern for security, I definitely wouldn't recommend wearing an exposed navaratna in a precarious foreign country like Central Africa or some parts of South America. The more you take off your ring and put it on the sink the more likely you are to forget to put it back on and to lose it. The more you take off the navaratna the more likely an opportunity will be created for its theft or loss also. For this added reason, I advise my clients not to take it off. It should be so comfortable that they don't even know that they're wearing it, except for the feeling of well-being.

Physically it should not be tight on the arm. It should be very comfortable; ergonomically designed to flow with the shape of their arm and smoothly stretch with the expansion of the muscles.

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