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What do you think of Astrological Rings?

Often individuals ask us to make rings with an expectation that we will do so and support their decisions.

Yes we do make astrological rings if the customer really wants them. And we have hundreds of designs. However we don’t want to convey that they are as fully effective as gems on the upper arm in a bangle.

This may surprise most individuals but of course we have our reasons. And we must speak our truth.

Paramahansa Yogananda explained everything we do, say or think is recorded vibratorily in the chakras. The chakras are like a motherboard to our electrical body and without electricity our body is dead. So in reality we are electrical bodies resident in a physical body. At death our electrical body goes to the astral world with our soul and reincarnates at a predetermined karmically perfect time when the sperm enters the egg of the mother.

Yogananda went on to explain that because the planets are constantly moving and interacting with radiating forces in the solar system. Their own radiations that emanate partially from their magnetospheres will change . Because their varied radiations travel through the vacuum of space they are hardly diluted by the time they travel to our planet and onto our electrical body.

All electricity has frequency and it is the waveform recordings of our electrical body that these planetary radiations may or may not resonate with. All matter is composed of frequency and indeed ultimately everything is frequency or waveform.

It is the resonating activity between the planetary radiations and our karmic waveform vibratory recordings in the chakras that will pull out the past karma into manifestation. Gems and certain pure noble metals can supplement, strengthen and change our karmic frequency body in a way to prevent resonation to the lower frequencies which also are the types of karma we do not necessarily want.

Having said this, why am I skeptical of rings.?

Rings are great but not nearly as effective in supplementing the karmic electrical bodies frequency signature. This is on account of the physical body acting as a resistor and diluting the radionic influence of the gems and metals. If the gems are on fingers, the arm itself will dilute the strength of the subtle influence from the ring. The less physical body that is in the way between the gems and the chakras , the more potential the gems' influence can have. Pendants are not very effective for a different reason in that they bounce around on the skin and don’t have a well seated wide gem surface contact .

Also the making of the ring being a customized item can be quite pricey, when the individual can have astrological gems set for as low as $50 per setting when used in an astrological bangle. That said if a person wants a ring it should be astrological and I wear one myself and love it. I just don’t think it has nearly as powerful an influence as the gems in my navaratna but I enjoy it just the same.

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