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What is your return policy with the navaratna?

With our frequency bangle we have a 31 day money back guarantee "no questions asked". However with the customized individual nine gem bangle (navaratna) or multi gem bangle we do not offer this service. Unlike the frequency bangle they take a lot of time and consideration to build. We guarantee that all the gems have not been worn by someone else, as well as the spring links. We can not do this if customers want to return them often for financial reasons. We are not large enough to cater to refunding a person with buyer's remorse. Please be very sure you can afford such an instrument before going through the process of acquiring a navaratna from Astrogems. Some individuals can have unrealistic expectations that when they receive the nine gem bangle that their life will somehow change rapidly for the better. Though this is a common testimonial it is by no means a guarantee or given situation.

It can be that a person simply does not have the sensitivity to feel an uplift in their lives. This does not mean the astrological gems are not doing a great job in mitigating karma. I have had pujas done where I have felt no tangible difference, but I emphatically believe in them purely because great avatars have indicated they mitigate negative karma. Astrology is a science whether an individual believes in it or not. And it is the same with deeply colored astrological crystals.

If this policy deeply concerns you please consider purchasing a frequency bangle to evaluate the influence of gems in your life. If you want to return the frequency bangle in exchange for part payment on a navaratna we can accommodate this. With the frequency bangle we do not refund the insurance and shipping costs but the actual cost of the bangle is refunded after it has been returned to our office around the or before the 31 day purchase period.

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