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Can you give some historical perspective on multi gem astrological bangles?

In times of old when self-knowledge and intuition were far more highly regarded in ancient India, many of its ancient texts (Mahabharata / Ramayana etc.) depict their characters wearing jewel touching bracelets and arm bands. One has to wonder why these enlightened souls chose to wear such bracelets and kavach in ancient times, whilst today people seem to favor the much less powerful rings and pendants. One only has to view many of the images carried down since ancient times of Hindu Deities and the body armor they wore using gemstones to get an idea of how respected this fallen science used to be. Hence I have put together a random sampling of paintings showing how commonly themed the astrological talismans were in ancient times with those blessed to be able to afford them.


baby krishna

mother and child

saraswati with lion

krishna and hanuman


hindu deities


hare krishna

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