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 The prices shown with some of these images are over ten years old and no longer accurately reflect the rising prices  astrogems is obliged to offer.

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Astrogems can make Diamond Rings and other types of astrological rings in any style. Click on any image below to view our Astrological Rings page or contact us for more details.

Astrogems can make astrological diamond rings in any style.
Astrogems can make jyotish astrological diamond rings in any style.

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An Interview at the Hong Kong Jewellery & gem Fair by Nick Hodgson of regarding the controversy over lab grown diamonds. 96% of all natural diamonds show evidence of nitrogen clusters with the use of a spectrometer. Even though these diamonds can be a perfect colorless gem with no inclusions, at the atomic level they are not the pure carbon geometrical atomic matrix one would want in a perfect crystal structure. With certain lab grown crystals the difference is that they are just pure carbon which technically creates the perfect crystal. It is for this reason that i am not against the use of certain lab grown diamond crystals for astrological purposes.

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