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So materialistic is modern man that he often thinks he is a material being. But the enlightened rishis explained that our souls are bound to a body that has five different types of electrical energy. We need to remind our often dull minds that our brain holds an electro stimulated consciousness and that our chakras, which direct the nervous system, laud over our glands, organs and mechanical muscles.

Our spiritual nature dominates our electrical nature, which manifests in our physical environment and bodies. Advanced thinkers such as quantum physicists comprehend the vibrational nature of matter and attest to the uniquely strong electro magnetic radiations of gems. Gems are unique in that their electrons are in an unencumbered crystal alignment . A gem emanates a magnetically charged force that can change or influence any organic electrical body that is in its immediate sphere of influence. Un-enhanced Ayurvedic gems, when touching the skin, have an exceptional ability to counteract our weakened electrical assimilative abilities that our karmic pattern (horoscope) may dictate.

Paramahansa Yogananda explained that all of our thoughts and actions are recorded in our chakras, which depart with our souls at death and return at a mathematically pre-destined time in symmetry with the electro stimulated influences of the planets . If we are suffering, he explained that it was on account of our karmic pattern not being able to receive the required planetary electro magnetic stimuli. If we are not able to assimilate one of the many required pranic elctro magnetic frequencies that our electrical being requires, then weakness or suffering is likely to occur.

We don't "live by bread alone" yet our faith in doctors seems to show an excessive dependency on material medicines, when all approaches should be analyzed. Light is the fabric of matter, but few truly comprehend this. Those that do will often grasp the benign potential of rearranging their electro magnetic karmic pattern by the use of astrological gems. The Rishis, in their fully illumined state of realization, explained that planets have similar electro magnetic frequencies as certain gemstones. And these specific gems can thus greatly help in counteracting karmic weaknesses and their ensuing problems. They said that this could be a very practical method for insuring against the unfortunate magnetically drawn probabilities in our life.

Below is an analysis of your chakras' reactions to planetary stimuli according to your strengths and weaknesses. To read a reference on the importance of wearing gems of over 2 carats, please click here:

What the Yoga Masters have to say

Nine Gem Planetary Analysis

Size, in Carats

Blue Sapphire2.00
Yellow Sapphire3.32
Cat's Eye2.67
Hessonite Garnet3.44
Red Coral4.07

This arrangement of gems will give you a very good idea of the gems that will benefit you the most as determined by your horosocpe. When you decide to purchase a navaratna or gems from us, we will ask you a few questions to make sure you are getting the best selection of gems possible for you and we will also have an astrologer look your chart over and make any neccessary adjustments.

For cost of gems, please click here: Cost Of Gems

The sizes that are recommended are particularly suited for a navaratna, nine-gem bangle. If, in reading the descriptions of the gems, you feel there is a stone that will assist you in something that is particularly important to you, then you may, in most cases, increase the size of that stone without any concerns.

Specific Effects of Your Gemstones

Listed below, in order of importance, are the effects of the nine gems. Your gems are listed in the order of importance for alleviating suffering and difficulties in your life. Gemstones are also of use to improve the desirable effects in your life, or to attract something specific in your life. You can, therefore, consider any gemstone that is conducive to something you desire a priority.

Blue Sapphire for the Planet Saturn

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The gem for Saturn, the Blue Sapphire, is most important for alleviating suffering and the causes of diseases. Blue Sapphire will help rid you of any psychological pains such as fear, worry, low self-esteem, frustration, loneliness, etc. For this reason it is almost always a gemstone of high priority that actually helps remove the consciousness of separation, which is the source of all misery, between your human consciousness and Spiritual Consciousness. Blue Sapphire is also beneficial for the knees, nerves, for alleviating all kinds of stress, and promoting rejuvenation and longevity. It is particularly important for removing any constrictions or blocks that bring about disease, without which no lasting cure can be brought about.

In respect to your horoscope the Blue Sapphire will also be beneficial for the following:
Overcoming Difficulties such as Debt, Enemies, and Obstructions to the Maintenance of your Life, Improving your Health, Exercise, Improving upon Weak Areas in your Life, Children, Education, Luck, Speculations, Dignity, and Spiritual Practices, while also benefiting your Intestines, Appendix, Spleen, Stomach, Liver and Heart.
Since Saturn is in the sign Cancer in your horoscope, Blue Sapphire will help you overcome any feelings of emptiness, thereby helping you overcome and moods and depressions, and prevent you from projecting any of your fears or worries onto others.
Since Saturn is in the 11th house in your horoscope, Blue Sapphire will help you feel secure with your individuality, thereby helping you to feel secure with, and enjoy, your peers. Blue Sapphire will also benefit your income, and help you gain titles, degrees and diplomas, while also benefiting the health of your ankles and lower legs. Secondarily it will also benefit your health, children, and education.
Since Saturn aspects your Jupiter, Blue Sapphire will help you find meaning and purpose in life. It will protect your children and if you are female, it will prevent disruptions and obstacles to marriage and protect your husband. It will also remove obstacles and delays to acquiring wealth and remove any constrictions or blocks that may influence the health of your liver and brain.
Since Saturn aspects your Rahu, Blue Sapphire will help you overcome fears and worries and give a healthy sense of detachment. It will also help remove your greatest obstacles.

Pearl for the Moon

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The gem for the Moon, the Pearl, gives comfort, calmness, mental peace, and helps keep the mind contented and in the heart. Pearls strengthen your blood and lymph, and particularly increase the flow of life force through the body, thereby improving your health and removing any feeling of deadness or lethargy in your body and limbs, while also increasing the beauty and luster of your face. Pearls also increase the white blood cell count and increase the strength of your immune system. For women, Pearls are particularly beneficial for promoting the health and well being of the feminine hormones. Pearls are also of benefit to improve your family and domestic life, and increase your mother?s well being and your relationship with her.

In respect to your horoscope the Pearl will also be beneficial for the following:
Income, Public and Group Success, the Fulfillment of your Greatest Desires, while also benefiting your Lower Legs and Left Ear.
Since the Moon is in the 12th house in your horoscope, Pearl will increase your contentment, increase your charity and surrender and increase the returns of any long-term investments, and reduce unnecessary expenses.

Emerald for the Planet Mercury

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The gem for Mercury, the Emerald, improves your mental energy and dexterity. Emerald is helpful for manifesting and tangibly benefiting from anything that you may desire. Emerald is beneficial for commercial activities, the management of practical affairs, communication, and friendships of all sorts. The wearing of Emeralds strengthens the nerves, lungs, and skin, and promotes youthfulness. Emerald is particularly beneficial for the thyroid and thereby improves your digestion and regulates your metabolism.

In respect to your horoscope the Emerald will also be beneficial for the following:
General well-being and success, Health and Vitality, Balanced Independence, Confidence, and Personal Success, Career Success, the Performance of Good Deeds, Status, Authority, and Benefits from Authorities, while also benefiting your Hair, Head, Brain, and Knees.
Since Mercury is in the 3rd house in your horoscope, Emerald will increase the benefits from your skills and travels, as well as increase your friendship with your younger siblings.
Since Mercury is conjunct Mars in your horoscope, Emerald will increase your impartiality, and reduce argumentation and help you benefit from your friends. Emerald will also increase your capacity to overcome obstacles and bring things about in accordance with your ideas.
Since Mercury is conjunct Venus in your horoscope, Emerald will increase the friendship and fairness in your relationships and increase your diplomatic ability and the benefits you derive though it. Emerald will also increase your artistry and capacity to create beauty.

Yellow Sapphire for the Planet Jupiter

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The gem for Jupiter, the Yellow Sapphire, gives happiness, optimism, forgiveness, faith, and increases spiritual and idealistic tendencies. Yellow Sapphire is beneficial for the liver and brain; it even boosts the immune function in cases of cancer, and is also helpful for diabetes and other sugar disorders. Yellow Sapphire is a lucky stone that increases wealth, and offers protection. The Yellow Sapphire increases the ability to have children, while also improving their well being For women, Yellow Sapphire is particularly helpful to secure a good husband and a happy married life.

In respect to your horoscope the Yellow Sapphire will also be beneficial for the following:
Home, Property, Domestic Life, Vehicles, Happiness, Security, your Mother, Relationships, Marriage, Partnerships, the Wellbeing and Success of your Spouse, and Success with the Public, while also benefiting your Chest area, Internal Sexual Organs, Kidneys and Lower Back.
Since Jupiter is in the 1st house in your horoscope, Yellow Sapphire will increase the luck that makes your life easily move forward. It will also increase your luck, and benefit your children, partners, and father.
Since Jupiter is aspected by Saturn in your horoscope, Yellow Sapphire will increase the consciousness of meaning and purpose in your life.

Chrysoberyl Cat?s-eye for Ketu- the South Node of the Moon

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The gem for Ketu, Chrysoberyl Cat?s-eye, is a great purgative of difficulties and useful in many cases of chronic disease. Cat?s-eye can also increase the inflow of the result of good past karmas, thereby being a carrier of fortune. Wearing a Cat?s-eye will also help you to overcome any types of doubts as well as alleviate any self-destructive or self-effacing tendencies.

Since Ketu is in the 2nd house in your horoscope, Cat?s-eye will improve your wealth, and benefit your family.

Hessonite Garnet for the Planet Rahu- the North Node of the Moon

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The gem for Rahu, the Hessonite Garnet, helps you avoid most types of disruptive and uncontrolled events in your life. Hessonite Garnet reduces any compulsive actions or addictions, and promotes stability and security, ridding you of any unwarranted fears. Hessonite Garnet also adds clarity, especially in those areas where you experience "vagueness" or where you may have to learn your most confused lessons. It is beneficial for most strange and hard to diagnose diseases, as well as protective of your aura. Hessonite Garnet is very grounding, and balances the psychic sensitivity, being helpful in all cases of negative physic influences.

Since Rahu is in the sign Aries in your horoscope, Hessonite Garnet will help you feel secure in your actions and self and prevent you from being overly dutiful and success oriented, yet unhappy and critical towards others.
Since Rahu is in the 8th house in your horoscope, Hessonite Garnet will help you overcome any feelings of uneasiness and intangible fears, prevent addictive tendencies or resignation, and help you with intimacy and trust with others. Hessonite Garnet will also help you feel secure in your relationships and help you recognize the value in your relationships, while also removing disruptive events and difficulties from your life. It will also benefit the health of your sexual organs and prevent disorders such as hemorrhoids, etc.

Diamond for the Planet Venus

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The gem for Venus, the Diamond, increases wealth and luxuries, refines one's tastes and values, and is good for creating and harmonizing all relationships. Diamond is beneficial for the kidneys, sexual vitality, and all the hormones of the body. Diamond is also helpful for diabetes, particularly adult onset diabetes. Diamond particularly increases the life force in the body, thereby vitalizing the body, and increasing the power of the immune system; it is therefore of benefit in all cases of disease. For men, Diamond is particularly beneficial for attracting a harmonious wife and a happy marriage. Astrogems has made a huge effort to acquire good quality uncut diamonds in order to help you acquire this very expensive, but very beneficial stone at an affordable price. The ancient texts from India actually recommend an uncut diamond and Astrogems is proud to offer high quality uncut diamonds.

Over 400 years ago the world did not know how to cut and polish diamond crystals and thus the wealthy in India wore natural diamond crystals to fend of the weaker receptivity to the planet of love. Astrogems has been researching and hunting for inexpensive untreated diamond crystals for many years. You can see these much less expensive diamonds large enough to do the job at:

Diamond Crystals

With respect to your horoscope the Diamond will also be beneficial for the following:

Wealth, Family, Good Name, Close Friends, Fortune, Philosophy and Spiritual Life, Relationships with Teachers, your Father?s Wellbeing, and Benefits from Long Journeys, while also benefiting your Teeth, Face, Eyes, Hips and Thighs.
Since Venus is in the 3rd house in your horoscope, Diamond will benefit your talents, siblings, and father.
Since Venus is conjunct Mars in your horoscope, Diamond will sooth your passions and reduce conflict or frustrations in your relationships.
Since Venus is conjunct Mercury in your horoscope, Diamond will increase the benefits from your talents and help you bring things to a concrete realization.

Red Coral for the Planet Mars

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The gem for Mars, the Red Coral, increases your strength, energy, courage, independence, and bodily warmth. Coral improves your blood flow, which assists in healing your body and promoting youthfulness. Coral benefits the adrenal glands and is helpful for harmonizing the use of the will whether one is either passive or aggressive. Red Coral is particularly good for strengthening and nourishing the blood, beneficial in all cases of anemia and therefore particularly beneficial for women. Coral increases the well being of your younger siblings and your relationship with them. Red Coral is a reasonable priced gem, however it is very susceptible to imitation, therefore Astrogems makes every effort to insure that the Red Coral they offer you is real.

In respect to your horoscope the Red Coral will also be beneficial for the following:
Longevity and Recuperative Ability, Overcoming Crisis and Benefiting from Change and Surprises, Increasing the Value of a Relationship or Partnership, Other Peoples Property and Wealth, Skills and Talents, Younger Siblings, Good Journeys, Courage, and all your Interests, while also benefiting your Sexual Organs, Lungs, Ears and Arms.
Since Mars is in the 3rd house in your horoscope, Red Coral will increase your courage, ability to remove obstacles, and strength, as well as helping you bring about your ideas revolving around your interests, beliefs, and career.

Ruby for the Sun

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The gem for the Sun, the Ruby, will improve your health, vitality, digestion, professional success, and your father's well being as well as your relationship with your father. The Ruby gives confidence, and strengthens and supports your character and true individuality. It specifically increases Agni, the vital fire, and is thus beneficial for all cases of illness and toxicity. It is of greatest importance for increasing your vitality and burning toxins out of your body.

In respect to your horoscope the Ruby will also be beneficial for the following:
Restful Sleep, Expense on Good Account, Vacations, Benefits from Foreign Countries, Surrender and Completing Necessary Events in your life, while also benefiting your Feet and Left Eye.
Since the Sun is in the 4th house in your horoscope, Ruby will improve your career and status, and help you grow and act beyond your feelings.

Gemstone for the Period of Your Life

Dependent upon the planetary period (which is called a Dasha in Vedic Astrology) that is running in your life, a particular gemstone will be found to be most helpful and always a priority. The gemstone for the period of your life will be found to be most helpful and most often will be considered as a priority by most Vedic Astrologers. The following list of Planetary Periods is composed specifically in accordance with your horoscope and shows the Dasha and the related gemstone that will very significantly benefit your life during that period.

03/02/2032MarsRed Coral
03/03/2039RahuHessonite Garnet
03/02/2057JupiterYellow Sapphire
03/02/2073SaturnBlue Sapphire
03/03/2109KetuCat's Eye

Vimshottari AntarDasa

Results of Planetary Periods

The planetary periods are the heart of Vedic Astrology and are used for seeing the ups and downs in life and for making predictions. Though there is a lot involved in seeing what any given period will bring into a persons life, there are a few generalities that may be mentioned.

Any planet can give the desired things in life such as career success, wealth, marriage and children if it is appropriately situated. Any planet can also do the reverse, if it is situated to do so. Generally speaking, however, the periods of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are those during which you will find it easier to move forward and build a good life. The periods of Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, on the other hand, are those that generally bring more tests and lessons. Following are some very brief generalities for each of the planetary periods:

Sun: Generally a period of career focus. Can be very uplifting if the Sun is a supported planet in your horoscope. If instead problematic planets influence the Sun then it can be a period where you will be required to grow and develop your self-esteem. Wearing a ruby during this period will increase your success, and, if problematic planets influence your Sun, it can also improve your health and give you more confidence.
Moon: Generally an enjoyable period and one social and centered around family life. If the Moon is supported in your horoscope this period can fulfill a lot of your desires and be great for money too. If instead problematic planets influence the Moon, then this can be a period of isolation and retreat. Wearing a Pearl during this period will increase all the comforts and good things that the Moon has to give, and, if problematic planets influence your Moon, it can also help you have a better attitude when faced with any difficulties and discontents.
Mars: Generally a period of focusing on your more important goals. If Mars is supported this period can quickly move your forward towards success. If instead problematic planets influence Mars then obstacles and frustrations may intervene between you and the success of your goals. Wearing Red Coral during this period will give you more energy with which to pursue your goals or which with to overcome obstacles, whatever the case may be.
Rahu: This will probably be one of the most interesting periods of your life. Things tend to happen unexpectedly in this period, and plans made often go astray while other things you may never have thought of take their place. This is a period of learning in areas that you are weak in, so it is a time of lessons. Any success you have during this period will also challenge you. Wearing a Hessonite Garnet during this period can help keep you grounded, reduce stress and depression, and support your health.
Jupiter: This is generally a period of getting clarity and understanding following the confusion of the previous period of Rahu. If Jupiter is supported you will experience greater feeling of purpose and meaning in your life. Finances will also be good and your attitude will make it easier to be happy. If Jupiter is influenced by problematic planets or in poor position you have to struggle financially and search deeper to find meaning and purpose. Wearing a Yellow Sapphire during this period can inspire you, increase your finances and support all your good qualities and works.
Saturn: This is a period of attention to duty. Success in this period usually depends on your ability to fulfill your duties and your happiness depends on your maturity and state of individuality. Any insecurities that you may be carrying around with you will be strongly brought to your attention and have to be dealt with. Wearing a Blue Sapphire during this period can free you from the difficulties and stress of Saturn as well as help you with any health problems you may be having.
Mercury: This is a period where a person can generally make the most of their life and fulfill their goals. Mercury generally brings out your best abilities and, even more importantly, can bring the opportunities and people you need to fly with your skills. If problematic planets influence Mercury you may find it difficult to make decisions or smoothly manage your many affairs, both of which can reduce your opportunities and success. Wearing an Emerald during this period can help you make the most of your opportunities and keep you feeling fresh during times of a lot of activity and success.
Ketu: This is generally a period of withdrawal to take care of personal or spiritual matters. During Ketu period many karmically activated events are resolved and you also attract the people and things with which you have very strong past life connections. These connections can be for good or ill, depending on the condition of Ketu in your horoscope. Wearing a Cats Eye during this period can help you purge any negative karma that Ketu may have in store for you, helping them come to a close earlier, and allowing the good things that Ketu has to give come sooner.
Venus: This is a period of ideally balancing your inner and outer life. If you have a healthy balance between your spirituality and human needs and desires this can be one of the most enjoyable and spiritualizing periods. If you haven't come to terms with your spirituality and human needs this can be a very discontenting period, and materially or spiritually destructive. Wearing a Diamond during this period will sooth your desires, balance your passions, and increase your heartfelt wisdom so that you can make the best choices for what is in your life.

The ends of all periods are always life changing, and very important times in your life. There are certain other periods/sub periods that can also be very life changing:

Saturn sub-period under Rahu period or Rahu sub-period under Saturn period is one of the most important periods for working out difficulties in your life. Any problems you may find yourself having during this period, especially any that may concern health, will most likely take time to resolve- so be patient with things. This is usually a period that requires a certain amount of acceptance and surrender to get one through.
Jupiter sub-period under Ketu period or Ketu sub-period under Jupiter period is a time that can be full of karmic rewards. This period is potentially great for material fortune and spiritual insights.
Rahu sub-period under Venus period or Venus sub-period under Rahu period is a time when relationship concerns are paramount. Rediscovering yourself in the context of your relationships will most likely be a major theme.
Jupiter sub-period under Venus period or Venus sub-period under Jupiter period is a time that the planets dedicate to spiritual awakenings. Things, people and your attitudes will likely change in order to prepare you for deeper spiritual realizations. There can also be deep discontents that motivate you to search spiritually. Occasionally these periods can be full of material rewards that come hand in hand with spiritual insights.


Another way to remedy the results of karma is to have pujas performed. Pujas are ceremonies performed for the planets that alleviate the difficult effects indicated by the planets while also attracting the beneficial effects of the planets. A puja for a particular planet will have a similar effect as the gem for the planet in question. So if you want to see what a particular puja will do for you simply read what that gem will do for you. In general the most important puja you can have done for you at a given time is the puja for the planetary lord of the period you are in as previously mentioned. Pujas are performed expertly and affordably by the Ammachi organization in India. You can visit their website for details:

In order to have a puja done you will need to know your Janma Nakshatra, or Birth Star, which is Purva Phalguni

Vedic Astrologer Eric Nelson is providing Puja recommendations free of charge to those who wish to have a Puja done through the Ammachi Organization. He can be reached at 760-745-0219.

Simple Interpretation of Your Horoscope


The actions of the native with Virgo lagna are very much responsible for what they become, and the wellbeing they experience in life. The consciousness of this inclines them to desire to do the good, right, and useful thing. At times they may feel overwhelmed and overburdened by all that must be done and this may leave them feeling a lack of hope for improved circumstances.

The evolutionary goal is to develop the opposing quality of Pisces. The native must learn that all that they do has not only a mundane or practical value, but also a spiritual value and that when all is done, that is all there is. They must learn to surrender the fruits of what they do in order to grow spiritually. Virgo lagna is at best a karma yogi. Partnerships tend to be with devotional, nonchalant, or carefree types, or with those that somehow teach the native these qualities.


KETU IN THE 2ND HOUSE, RAHU IN THE 8TH HOUSE: Ketu in the 2nd house indicates a native who is strongly of the thought that they will be safe and secure so long as they are capable of creating security for themselves through their own resources or resourcefulness. There is a strong tendency to maintain self-sufficiency. This self-sufficiency may come from money, knowledge or skills. If it is knowledge, then the native will desire to gain all the knowledge they can about those things they are involved in. That way they feel that whatever happens they can handle it and they therefore feel secure. Rahu's placement in the 8th house, however, causes crisis in their lives that force them to benefit from others' resources. Others' resources being not only wealth, but skills or knowledge as well. When crisis come there is great hesitation and fear towards benefiting from other's resources. These events, however, help them to break free from their attachment to their own self-sufficiency and to realize that if they are unable to freely benefit from others' resources then they themselves limit their resourcefulness, as others' resources are really just an extension of their own.

Another manifestation of Ketu in the 2nd is that the native is generally quite skilled, but the placement of Rahu in the 8th makes it difficult for them to develop others' skills and resourcefulness. If the native has a skill or resource that can benefit another, they will easily take care of the other's concerns. What is important for them to learn, however, is to teach the other to develop their resources, so rather then do it for the person, they need to learn how to show the other to do it for themselves. This may be very frustrating to the native since they can do it more simply and efficiently than they can demonstrate it to the other.

In regards to relationships, this nodal position has some important needed areas of development, and that is in the area of trust. Rahu in the 8th tends to cause some fear of bonding in a relationship as the native's trust in others is generally not well developed. It is usually, in fact, even discouraged through painful events in their lives. The native needs to learn that if they are unable to trust others it is because the really do not trust that they themselves can handle all things. Once they are able to trust others, then they will really be secure in the knowledge that they can take care of themselves. It is this strengthening inner security that is needed when Rahu is in the 8th.

Rahu's placement in the 8th also indicates that the native is in need of learning to determine the value of a relationship, and what it consists of. Not realizing this will create a relationship between two people that has no mutual focus upon what the relationship should provide. Recognizing the worth and value of a relationship is important for the longevity of the relationship, not having that, Rahu will end the relationship.

KETU IN LIBRA, RAHU IN ARIES: Ketu in Libra indicates a native who in recent past lives has very carefully considered the results of their actions and desires. The native has been very conscious of the fact that his actions and desires have consequences, and to not get involved in more than they can handle. They have generally managed to live a very pragmatic life. Rahu in Aries stirs up great passion and brings situations in life that force the native to take on more than they can practically handle and to rely on their will and initiative. Doing so allows the native to create the karmic balance that frees them from the results of their previous actions.

KETU/MOON: The influence of Ketu on the Moon (with rasi aspect) indicates a deeper, probing, mentality that generally suffers discontentment in the world. When Ketu influences the Moon, the mentality is not so superficial as to be able to simply enjoy the pleasures of the world. The mind is always looking deeper, beneath the surface, and thus there is always a nagging discontent and questioning. This creates an introverted mindset, which in a spiritual nativity is conducive to spiritual practices. In other nativities, this may cause introversions and frustrations that may have violent or explosive eruptions. Generally it is found that natives with Ketu influencing the Moon have an interest in psychology.

Another noticeable trait of Ketu's influence to the Moon is to make the native very emotionally controlled and rigid. When they are in a negative mood, there is not a lot anyone can do to cheer them up, they pretty much have to suffer through the mood, after which they will get up feeling just fine. In fact the depths of their moods rarely correlate to what brought the mood upon them. There will usually be associated sub-conscious and past life feelings stirred up by that which triggers the mood. After the mood, the native will appear as balanced and controlled as usual, but one of the reasons the moods are so severe is that the natives do not flow with, and reveal, their feelings, until a buildup has occurred, and then the deep mood. These natives also have an ability to cheer anyone out of a mood; this is due to their ability to not let any feelings come through except those that they want to reveal.

In recent past lives, those with Ketu influencing the Moon have established a level of security and safety in the world by controlling their reactions to the many painful things in life. Controlling is one thing, feeling is another, so there is usually some pent-up pain in the native that is released when a mood is triggered. The developmental goal is to purge the mind from subconscious pain, remorse, regret, etc. and to develop a spiritualized mentality that truly remains at peace amidst the varying conditions and reactions of life, rather than a mentality that controls the feelings and reactions.

RAHU/MOON: The influence of Rahu on the Moon (with rasi aspect) results in some weakness in the mind that is in need of strengthening. This is generally the result of the mind not being centered in the heart, instead being centered externally or remaining unfocused. When the mind is centered externally there is discontent and depression that comes from the lack of fulfillment the world has to offer. When the mind remains unfocused there is a higher degree of psychic disorders, and/or a lack of clarity and concentration. Rahu influencing the Moon may give heightened psychic sensitivity but usually this is also accompanied by a weakness that make the native more sensitive to psychic disorders.

Other weakness of the mind caused by Rahu may be various types of mental derangement, but for any serious difficulties other malefic influences must also be indicated. In the horoscopes of natives with strong spiritual tendencies, Rahu influencing the Moon may give strong attunement.

The discontent that Rahu casts upon the Moon is also a cause of addictions. Addictions also serve to make the mind unfocused, which results again in psychic disorders. Rahu may also give a tendency to live in the imagination, in the realm of fantasy, wishes and hopes, which ultimately lead to discontent and depression because in the end the native still lives in the real world.

In female natives the conjunction of the Moon with Rahu creates a strong feminine magnetism, and a strong emotional transparency that is attractive to men. However, the woman herself feels ungrounded and insecure and is usually not emotionally healthy enough to enjoy a relationship.

The need for the native, when Rahu is influencing the Moon is to learn to keep the mind anchored in the heart, the one place of true satisfaction for it. With natives having spiritual tendencies this is an eventual possibility.

RAHU/MARS: The influence of Rahu on Mars (with rasi aspect) indicates a native who is in need of developing the healthy use of their will and power. The native usually has an explosive potential and many power struggles with people. The native may have a lack of confidence in using their will. This may create abusive situations in life as well as anger and frustration whenever one's will is thwarted or challenged. The insecurity revolving around the use of their will that causes their self-esteem to feel threatened may lead to aggressive and abusive behavior. The native needs to learn a proper application of the use of the will, part of which is to know when to use it and when not to.

Rahu influencing Mars indicates ideas in the mind that something must be had at any cost, the option of not having or not winning is out of the question. This may cause over aggressiveness or excess impulsiveness.

RAHU/MERCURY: The influence of Rahu on Mercury (with rasi aspect) indicates an intellect that through experimentation, trial, and error, is learning to develop the discrimination that serves to help one make the most beneficial choices in life. The developmental need is to learn to gather facts and information to use as a foundation for understanding in life. The experimental nature of this may indicate a native with an original and inventive mentality. There is generally a tendency towards indecisiveness when making important decisions, which the native always feels unprepared for no matter the advice or information they have gathered. This is due to the difficulty in really understanding what they know. Without real understanding, more facts just lead to more indecision.

RAHU/VENUS: The influence of Rahu on Venus (with rasi aspect) indicates a native with a very powerful desire nature that causes disruption with what they want, particularly with regards to relationships. There is generally a tendency to experience powerful hypnotic attractions to individuals of the opposite sex. These attractions are the result of one aspect of the person to whom the native is attracted to seem like the all, when in fact it is only one small aspect that the native is attracted to. This small aspect is something that the native is attempting to develop within himself at the time of the attraction. The result is a tendency to "fall in love" before seeing the person completely for what they are, which results in eventual disappointment or discontentment. Maintaining balance and harmony in relationships are found to be difficult for the native and they need to develop some discrimination with regards to whom they fall in love with, as those people they fall in love with rarely validate their love or fulfill their desire.

Venus represents conscious desires. Rahu represents subconscious desires, primal desires, hopes, wishes, fantasies, strange longings, etc. Putting these together may result in a very compulsive desire nature, which has little chance of fulfillment. The resulting discontent may eventually serve to motivate the native towards some spiritual fulfillment, provided there are strong spiritualizing factors in the horoscope.


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