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Can you in as few words as possible explain how Planetary gems work to mitigate or nullify negative Karma ?

Without electricity our bodies are dead and all electricity and energy has a frequency vibration. That electricity leaves at death and becomes our astral body. So we are much much more electrical than physical.

Paramahansa Yogananda said all our past thoughts, deeds and actions are recorded vibratorily in our chakras awaiting stimulation by planetary or astrological resonance to manifest as a karmic return at a later date or life.

All planets have gravity and magnetospheres as they orbit in the solar system.

Their powerful magnetosphere constantly sends out radiation which is diluted in different ways depending on other planetary movements and house location, that find almost zero resistance while travelling through the vacuum of space. These planetary radiations coming to the earth permeate our electrical body and depending on the karmic recordings of past actions in our chakras will or will not resonate and electromagnetically manifest a cosmically predetermined karmic symmetry.

Certain planetary gems or crystals are unique in that like magnets they have an alignment of the electrons.

Multi gem bangles can act like breakers in an electrical circuit that can supplement, modulate and transfer vibratorily a benign frequency to our electrical body and in turn greatly lessen our complex negative karmic signature, that would otherwise resonate to harmful planetary radiations.

While eliminating or mitigating our tendency to experience negative karma, they also uplift the vibratory signatures in the chakras to attract more positive karma. Once the planets have moved through a destructive or difficult cycle (transit) in our horoscope, that predestined karma cannot return or lurk for a later time. Yogananda wrote in a chapter he called "Outwitting the Stars" from the brilliant spiritual classic "Autobiography of a Yogi".

" By a number of means - by prayer, by will power, by yoga meditation, by consultation with saints, by use of astrological bangles - the adverse effects of past wrongs can be minimized or nullified......"

This condensed explanation is not made up by Astrogems but summarized from words by Swami Sri Yukteswar and Paramahansa Yogananda via the brilliant spiritual classic "Autobiography of a Yogi" and other books written by them.

For a more in depth explanation please visit "What the Yoga Masters have to Say" at

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