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I have had three different astrologers give me different gem recommendations can you comment on this

If you go to three different astrologers, it's quite common to get three different opinions on a host of remedial measures. Hopefully there will be a tendency to agreement, but, when it comes to the selection of individual stones there are different systems of recommendations—different schools of thought that astrologers follow. Some astrologers promote obtaining one gem to offset a particularly weak aspect of a person's horoscope; others advise a few stones or encourage enhancing stronger placements in a chart. Astrology is a very complex science. There is much room for error and opinion, and I keep stressing to my prospective clients that the rainbow is the complete divisible reflection of light. And a navaratna represents this reflection in the gems varied frequencies. I'm not a great believer in solving problems with the use of one or two stones. Over the years I have experienced problems with people who just get a few stones, and with all nine I have received fantastic feedback from the more holistic multi-stone approach. Gems are limited by their size, they are limited by their capacity to help. Because I strongly believe gems are limited I am trying to overcome this limitation by making the most potently beneficial instrument my research can validate. It's important if you are spending a lot of money to get the full spectrum of electromagnetic vibrations that your karmic pattern can make use of as it cycles through its many variations of karmic (electromagnetic) requirement.

If you are really going to endeavor to get the full degree of cosmic nutrition with the use of gems, then it has become my conclusion that the simplest, most effective tool is the navaratna (nine gem bangle.). It is a fallacy that these stones have to be cosmetically appealing. Nor do they have to be symetrical. Definitely, the mind prefers a cosmetically appealing stone, but I am getting fantastic support and feedback for the crystals that I'm setting, mainly because they are so large and inexpensive. Sufficient carat weight is also vital. I can get very good weights because the client can afford the full navaratna. Although it's a very demanding process to find good quality crystals in all the different recomended ayurvedic astrological stones, that is something that this business is dedicated to offering. It is definitely not the high end part of the market as crystals generally are about one sixth the cost of the faceted gems, but I am trying to make a navaratna that will get you from A to B, whether you go there in a Model-T Ford, or, a Rolls-Royce. And, if I had negative results with my lesser cosmetically appealing quality stones and crystals, I would definitely not continue to pursue that course of action. Please remember I far prefer positve karma than a fat bank account. And ideally faultless gems are always the best, but weight is the major consideration.

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