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What's your opinion on lab-grown diamonds? Aren't some of the lab-grown diamonds out there chemically the same as mined diamonds? 

Lab grown diamonds, if large enough,  generally sell on the market as naturals. Only if they are grown with tell-tale characteristics do they enter the market as lab-grown. Otherwise there is no way GIA (Gemological Institute of America) can tell the difference. 

Debeers sponsor GIA in order to convey an impression of professional infallibility with their great research and empirical analysis. What they don't advertise or bring attention to is the fact that  lab-grown diamonds can be grown without clear cut distinctions between naturals. 

GIA  focuses on all the characteristics found in lab-grown diamonds that don't make the mark of natural quality, however high quality laboratory diamonds can be grown that do not show these characteristics.  Its that simple. The best lab-grown diamond crystals are very expensive and not worth the cost compared to the similarly priced naturals. 

The above video presents more information on the theory behind how laboratory grown crystals can greatly enhance your electrical body
and consciousness, when worn in a way that allows for wide skin contact with deeply colored gems.

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