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I have noticed that the bangle recently got uncomfortable and even a bit hot. I tried putting it on the other arm but it was still a littel uncomfortable and one of the gems even seems to be burning my skin. Can you explain this after all these years of wearing it  and really loving it this seems a little strange.?

It sounds like you were moving into a planetary shift and hence your electrical body's demand for the crystal energy increased suddenly to a noticeable degree. This can be explained by the need for the electrical body to acquire a supplement of electromagnetic energy when the horoscope indicates that certain planets are moving into a weakened position. When this occurs, the higher intelligence of the electrical body based in the chakras understands that it requires more color resonance and hence goes to any available source.

If a source of this supplemental resonance is not available for an extended period of time, physical or mental disease can manifest. Extended lack of integration of the essential planetary electromagnetic radiation stimuli is not just one source of disease and suffering but is THE greatest source of disease and suffering.  It is how our karma comes to us, both positive and negative.

The different colored crystals touching the skin can greatly shift this equation away from being so dire. When our electrical body is receptive to planetary energy due to a benign position of the planets in our horoscope, the presence of the bangle is not so obvious. When a person suffers from an imbalance of planetary receptivity, he or she often feels and appreciates their bangle a lot more. Extreme imbalances often do not last for more than three to six months, but can go on for a more extended time.

At times we have had bangle clients tell us that the skin under a particular gem is getting irritated or damaged . Paramahansa Yogananda mentioned this phenomenon which is well known in India. When a planet is in a debilitated position, it means the individual cannot receive the needed planetary nutrition for a healthy electrical body. It can darken one's aura and also alter one's disposition to be less positive. The electrical body acts a little like our digestion in that it automatically seeks the type of nutrition that is currently deficient. Each ayurvedic astrological gemstone has a harmonic frequency similar to a particular planetary radiation. Our intelligent electrical body knows to focus on pulling out as much of the needed frequency of a specific planet as possible.
Just recently for instance I spoke with two ladies who were making full recoveries from breast cancer and had both acquired nine gem bangles at the beginning of this condition. In the same week, and without talking to each other, they both told me that after chemotherapy they had developed a large, serious rash on the arm under the bangle. They both realized that they were going through a period of detoxing from the chemotherapy and that the skin around the bangle was detoxing more rapidly. Having studied my website they both knew when this occurred that it was important to continue wearing the bangle and to change the bangle to the other arm if needed. When they did so, the rash again developed on that arm under the bangle's location. Unlike most clients they knew that the right thing to do was to change the position of the bangles as needed. They were both quite sure that the bangle was helping them detox and they felt much stronger while wearing the bangle.

Often I have had a particular example of feedback from clients who've been wearing and loving their bangles for years. They felt  that they'd integrated so well with their bangle from the first week that they barely knew they were wearing it. Then at some point it suddenly became uncomfortable and they wanted to remove it. Strangely enough when this happens it has been at the exact period when they have needed the bangle most according to their horoscope. At times when the electrical body increases its demand for the gems' energy, it can sometimes make the bangle uncomfortable. Yogananda explained that when this occurs, there can be external forces that are trying to get the wearer to remove the astrological bangle so they can receive the full force of their negative karma. He emphasized that at times like this, one definitely should not remove the bangle.

With the meditation or shakti bangles, I have observed many individuals who upon wearing it have almost immediately gone into a mild form of healing crisis accompanied by fatigue. Those who have the patience to endure this go from a mindset of not particularly liking the bangle to loving it after they break through this resonance shift. I could write much more extensively on this subject, but have found it easier to discuss the subject in our online videos.

In summary, I've made many unusual observations of individuals wearing gem bangles over the past 30 years. I am in a unique position to analyze the commonalities amongst the reactions of over 2,500 bangle wearers during that time. I'm hoping and praying that more people wake up to this amazing therapeutic science. The main roadblock is that humankind in our time harbors the delusion that it is a physical being and not an electrically-based being. If they had truly digested this reality, they would be more receptive to the ancient science explained by the rishis, and would be very interested in supplementing their life force with gemstones.

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